May 17, 2017


The endorsement isn't a surprise. “Since the election a week ago, Ron Nirenberg has definitely been focusing towards gaining market share among liberal democrats.” said Taylor campaign strategist Colin Strother in an interview with Texas Public Radio.   Ron Nirenberg is no Julian Castro – he is much worse.  Have you seen Ron Nirenberg campaign on the East Side of Antonio?  No.   He didn’t see your vote important prior to the May 6th election and he may have more courage to get your vote now that he is in the runoff.   Aligning with traditional Democrats with street credibility is what he believes will win him the position of Mayor.


Ivy Taylor hasn’t said anything to us about Castro’s nod for Nirenberg.  She now has a strong consistent record of being a dragon slayer.  Ron Nirenberg is running against a wildly popular Mayor who brought an end to uncertainty with the VIA Metropolitan Street Car Debacle.   Then Mayor Castro, left the city with his legacy programs either in the formation process or never saw how painful his programs were to manage.

No wonder Taylor stated that there are no sacred cows.   The city planner may be more correct that we all have realized as she has had to fix the mess of a career politician. Now with the endorsement of Nirenberg, Castro has an opportunity to preserve his legacy.   


Let’s say it another way… why did the city rename the Café Commerce idea of Mayor Castro?  It was because the large area in the central library dedicated to helping the business community was confused with the identity of the Café from being a place to get a good cup of coffee but not a place to start a business or get access to capital.  Under Mayor Taylor, she authorized the new President/CEO Café Commerce to study how to improve the program, marketing and get more reach to improve the tax payer investment.  “We were getting anything from Facebook trying to categorize us as a restaurant frequently to Yelp putting us under restaurants to people just walking in, at least once a week, requesting coffee, sandwiches,” Launch SA’s president, Nadia Auch, told the Rivard Report. The end result was a change of the name to Launch SA in November 2016.   Maybe this correction offended the former Mayor Castro?   Again this demonstrated, there are no sacred cows with the Mayor and her former predecessors programs.   Let’s keep this 100.   If you were Mayor, would you want to see the end of your ideas and programs ever come to an end?


If you worked for the President of the United States, maybe you inherit some of the fight to keep programs you gave birth to even though the programs are fiscally broke and not sound.   The case can be made, Mayor Castro left the city for a selfish reason and joined the White House team to put himself in contention of being the first Latino Vice President of the United States.   While we supported him as he left, we see similarities with the debate of what a Mayor can do to politically put herself at odds with an old Mayor.  And what is that?   




Mayor Taylor had to break the increase of taxes game of Mayor Castro that doesn’t add up to good fiscal results.  VIA Metropolitan’s Street Car Program – Cut, Café Commerce – RENAMED, and PRE K 4 SA – signaled not to be a sacred cow which means this too could be changed.    Mayor Castro comes home and had to align with someone who would preserve his legacy.  Ron Nirenberg is that man.   


Despite the fact that Ron Nirenberg has not done anything to this point in City Hall that we can call advancement and he could never pull the City Council together to do anything under his rebelliousness, why are we now asking if he would be a good Mayor?    Let me compare him right now to Donald Trump…   Donald Trump came into politics as the outsider… the business man… a man with a rebellious spirit but no record of performance in government.  Trump inherited a country that is already at the top of the world.   The worst thing he can do is break that country and break that top nation status.   Similarly our city is doing quite well.    Who is disagreeing with this fact?  We are an admired city by so many…  Do we need our city run into the ground or are we making progress and doing pretty damn good?


We are asking you, why do we need to take a chance with a candidate who complained every day as Councilman and never got the traction or votes of his peers? Is Ron Nirenberg an elitist who can’t sincerely see the people on the East Side as his own?   He has not made any real effort to win your vote.    We reached out to him on several occasions and no reply.  We can say your current Mayor has responded to community campaign questions and her campaign team has advertised with us as a Black-owned business.   Listen, we know sometimes we have been at odds with Mayor Taylor BUT she hasn’t dismissed us, called us fake news, or ignored us.   For that we do give her respect because we are a family.   We fight some time, we argue some time, but in the end, we also share smiles, hugs, and we are in a relationship.

The worst thing the 275,000 citizens in our readership coverage can do is to get in a relationship with someone you don’t know.   It will be like a bad, very bad marriage.  Who is he?  Who is this man? Who is this woman?


IVY TAYLOR lives with us, she provides us access, and she does legislate with us in mind.    We know the next two years with IVY TAYLOR in office we can continue to be represented and build momentum.    


Again, your vote on election day and even before allows your voice to be heard.   As you vote for Councilman Alan Warrick or his opponent, Attorney William “Cruz” Shaw, we ask you leave a vote that will enable one of those two men the best opportunity to be heard.    All I’m saying is if Ron Nirenberg walks into our community this late in the game – we called his type “Johnny Come Lately”.  This is who we know him as!






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