Gervin-Hawkins Team Takes to FB

May 17, 2017



Dear Walter,


Nicki Murrell writes on Facebook that Representative Gervin-Hawkins has no responsibility to comment on the San Antonio Observer articles about her bad performance for the past two weeks.   Is she right or wrong? 


She also writes that Barbara Hawkins was only taking a vote for charter schools in her post.  This appears to be a direct lie as Gervin-Hawkins was the author of her own bill (HB-3518 relating to open-enrollment charter school facilities (like the George Gervin Youth Center).  On the House website there was never a vote on her authored bill.  Nicki Murrell deleted her comment below. Why do you think Gervin-Hawkins political campaign would change the truth instead of asking her to reply to the self serving allegations brought forward by the Observer?   What is the real issue that we should all keep in mind?


Hunter Glenn



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Nicki Murrell commented on a link The San Antonio Observer shared:




Dear Hunter Glenn,


Thank you for being a trusted reader. I don’t know why State Rep. Gervin-Hawkins won’t reply to the allegations. Like you, I read the Facebook post and comments, and I’m still scratching my head on it. Obviously a Barbara Hawkins supporter, Ms. Nicki Murrell is going to vehemently defend someone she, and many others from our community respect and look up to.


On one level, Ms. Murrell may be correct about State Rep. Gervin-Hawkins. She may not see the Observer as important, but that doesn’t mean the issue will go away. On another level, Ms. Murrell may be incorrect for speaking on things on social media and not having all of the facts. If the Gervin-Hawkins camp is changing the truth to fit their agenda, that’s a bad thing.


My advice would be to continue to seek the truth and ask questions. If someone we elected into office is abusing the trust of the People, you have a right to ask questions and seek answers.


The real issues that we should keep in mind are our failing public schools being overtaken by Charter schools, our lack of participation in school events as parents and communities, our school district’s failure to attract and maintain quality teachers.


So much turmoil is going on in our world and it’s going to take level heads and mature hearts to guide us through the madness.


Politics is an ugly and messy game.


One hand washes the other….Even if they’re washed in dirty waters.


#CarpeDiem #KeepLiving









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