May 17, 2017

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San Antonio - Councilman Alan Warrick has admitted to making some mistakes in his 2 year tenure as District 2 City

Councilman but plans to move the community forward with his knowledge, experience at City Hall and deep family

roots on the Eastside. ‘’I've made some mistakes but I have learned and gained knowledge from them. I am ready to

move our community forward."

Councilman Warrick said in reference to his new partnership with former Councilman Keith Toney.  


Toney has been working in the East side community for over two decades and is ready to use his relationships and the trust he has built since the Nineties to help Warrick engage the groups that haven't fully trusted the 36 year old Councilman.  "Councilman Warrick has the City Hall experience and understands the community issues. Now he needs to engage with the East side residents that still haven't forgiven him for his MLK March ideas and some of the other mistakes he made over the last 2 years."  Toney said, "If I can forgive the Councilman after all the battles we have had then surely the rest of the community can too.” Toney continues “Warrick is from the East Side of San Antonio and not from Houston like his opponent Mr. Cruz Shaw. The Councilman has the experience and knows the different parts of the District much better than Mr. Shaw.”


Former Councilman Keith Toney, who recently endorsed Councilman Warrick at the steps of City Hall, said "Electing Mr. Cruz will set our District back to square one and hurt the community at a time when District 2 needs everyone to work together. Our focus will be UNITY and bringing our community together as one.” 


Former Councilman Keith Toney and Councilman Alan Warrick have never genuinely worked together before and this could be the start of a more united District 2 but only time will tell. This would be a partnership that the East Side has never seen before and it seems like our community is ready.



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