Report Card Update – Do Right by Our Community!

May 17, 2017


Report Card Update – Do Right by Our Community!



The Report Card conducted by the Fair Contractor Coalition (FCC) graded government tax payer agencies to hold them accountable to their relationships with local, small, minority, women and Veteran owned business enterprises.  One aspect of the responsibility placed on these agencies was to increase communication with the minority communities in which they serve.   Many of the agencies, like University Health Systems (UHS), spend more than a quarter of a million dollars advertising in newspapers that you have to pay for in the store.   We know that our free paper is the news source for so many of you in East San Antonio.  With generational poverty a key attribute of our community, we know you will spend your change for milk versus a newspaper. 


 The Fair Contractor Coalition continues to ask for the tax payer agencies to do more with our Publishing Group, and to include our Black radio stations.  Why is this important?  Black and Hispanic people and businesses will never know what is going on, and what they can bid on, or know about community services made available IF the agencies are not programmed to spend their money with us and give back to the people paying their salaries.   We pay the lion share of VIA bus revenues, CPS electricity bills and SAWS water bills…but the agencies have shut us out or literally thrown pennies at us.  Sometimes they send us materials and ask for us to provide free advertising to help broadcast their media alerts.  The agencies don’t ask the large papers to have this type of relationship.   


We have changed our conversation to do more for you.   We are pleased to welcome the City of San Antonio as advertisers.   Thank-you!   We encourage Bexar County to market their business bids, voting poll information, and more to keep our 275,000+ population who we can reach.  We should not be the victims of missing contracting opportunities or be a victim of voter suppression.  We like to thank Edwards Aquifer to their pledge to launch a new H2O campaign with us. 


The Publishing Group is working on this independent of the FCC.  We are working the list of agencies to ensure they are aligned to our campaign, so they can “Do Right by Our Community!”     We are now asking for community leaders and volunteers who would like to serve on our very first Editorial Advisory Board.   Tell us about yourself and send your email to .   We will pick 6 to 8 people to serve and represent for a year.  We will rotate the opportunity to enable as many people to have a seat at the table.   Together, we can do more.   Also please visit our Facebook page… check out our new banner which replaces the city skyline with people who are impacting the community!






















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