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I have given you definitions that I believe are important to ourselves and to our elected leaders.   Today, we are reminded of the word Forgive.

Forgive: stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake. To receive, "I am sorry."

I have been consistent with documenting our District 2 leadership.   I have opened the door for us, with my many criticisms, to receive an apology that may be important to you.  As a mother and wife, I believe in the words "I'm sorry."   I also believe that with mistakes opens up doors and new people to whom we would have never been introduced to in life.   In our long history, the Observer has never been a paper shy of controversy.   We deal in politics, religion, and community affairs.

Politics are hard. Politics is also life. Life is not always easy. Politics keep us in the know and allow us, as citizens of the community, to make informed and educated decisions as to who we believe will represent us the best. You may be a voter looking at all the candidates in each race, judging the candidates slogan, or you may be looking at a candidate in a race who speaks right to you and addresses your concerns.  Issues that may be important are like repairing neighborhood sidewalks, removing Confederate signs, symbols and history, or you may want to see improved educational opportunities.  Some of you may even want to see our businesses and our parks to be like their parks on the North side...

There is not one person on earth who can tell you what should be important to you when it comes to your vote.  My job is to ensure each and every resident in our community receives all the information I can get my hands on, to make sure the readers of this paper are well informed.  I want you to vote for what you need and not who you are told to vote for.  Knowledge is key and and we all know it's time for a definite change in our community.  Therefore heed all information you get from any source (ensuring its accurate) and YOU, the voter decide- always remember it's your vote! Vote responsibly.


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