The Maze: Ignorant Wolves in the Bleachers



There is a maze into which we are all born. We are all hostages, to one extent or another, of the will of others, of the will of whatever manufactured system we live under, and of the will of custom or tradition, often woven into a fabric of lies, a matrix which cripples the mind and stifles the human spirit. In this tangle there is no exit unless we knock our way through. Some of us never realize that we are in a maze, a snare created for the mass of society, to which the rulers of any society have created for others to obey. Only if we think our way through the structured inequalities that were developed to maintain racial, class, and gender oppression can we find wakefulness.


         We can be dead to the world, yet breathing, from birth to death and never even grasp the controls by which we are subject. By this I mean we are told things through an institutionalized educational system, which when looked at closely, are designed to keep us falsely informed.  The language of hypocrisy is held up in educational delivery systems designed to ignore the real foundations upon which this country was built. At the top of the pyramid are the ideas of the rulers, no matter if it is a democracy or a dictatorship, that are taught to the unsuspecting from elementary school to college. Though we are blessed with professors and teachers that uncover the inner workings of this society, of the racial and class mechanisms, every discipline is tainted with white supremacy, in every chapter of most every book.


         When I review textbook content, across all levels, it is evident that African American involvement and contributions to American political, cultural, and economic development to the United States is either missing, half-told, non-existent, or relegated to one chapter or even just a few words on Civil Rights in college textbooks, and ignored in most of the rest of the text. This problem is a public policy issue at the State Board of Education level in Texas, and in all of the states whose textbooks for public schools are chosen, but also an issue in freshman university textbooks, most often chosen by departments at the college level. It would appear that African American contributions and involvement is generally treated as outside the mainstream of American political and historical development. This is how it is segregated in the literature; of simply segregating educational information along the lines of “Black History” just being "Black History," and not part of the totality of American History.


          When Colin Kaepernick began “taking a knee” during the national anthem back in 2016, the mules of ignorance began their chants of revulsion, but this symbolic protest, by a football player, was designed to assert a recollection of the way people of color are being oppressed. He was also practicing the First Amendment, something many if not most Americans have never understood. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and protest, but instead of praising his stance the ignorant wolves in the bleachers howled like a pack of fouled-mouth idiots.


    The politically paralyzed are the drummers of a system designed to a stop or prevent the mind from functioning effectively and logically.  Sure, the ignorant have a right to be preposterous, but their stupidity is made worse when they don’t affirm, in the same breadth of their denunciations, that all of us have the same right to express our opinions just like they do. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary fascism is, “a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.” This way of thinking, a fascist way of thought, has always been a base element in our democracy. One need only look at the genocide committed against Native Americans, or the slave system that prospered in our land to see that hatred on an authoritarian level has always been present.


         Our society was formed on the basis of racial, gender, and class fabrications. We are experiencing a new wave of racism, by Donald Trump, and by political officials from the far right. There are loads of websites that grind out fake news and propaganda such as the Breitbart News Network.   Fake news is on the rise and can destabilize a society when there are lazy ignorant wolves in the bleachers that do not check out what they are being presented with. This maze of fakery is designed to destabilize society and is a method of propaganda that is quite sophisticated. We can be prisoners, to one extent or another, of the will of others, of the imprint of fake manufactured news stories.


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