May 24, 2017


On Monday night C.O.P.S Metro ignited their Get Out the Vote Rally to motivate voters City Wide to exercise their Power to Vote in the June 10th runoff elections in San Antonio.


The PACKED event was held at Dominion COGIC on the Eastside. Supt. Geoffrey Stirrup (Dominion COGIC), Dr. Doshie Piper (True Vine Church), and Maria Tijerina (Our Lady Guadalupe Church) asked the newly elected City Council winners Ana Sandoval(D7) and Rey Saldana(D4) and current candidate Alan Warrick (D2), and other candidates in runoffs to commit their support to the C.O.P.S. Metro agenda: Improved Housing, Protections for Immigrants, and Economic security.


When it came to housing, each candidate committed to increase the investment in owner occupied rehab to $4.9 million dollars by reallocating HOME and CDBG monies and $1.5 million through the Public Facilities Corporation. Being that the winning candidate will sit on the board of the Housing Trust’s Public Facility Corporation, they’ll have $3 million at their disposal and COPS Metro wants to also ensure that 50% of the funds are preserved for owner occupied rehab.


Immigration has been a big topic lately and it’s really exploded since Austin recently passed Senate Bill 4(SB4), which further puts immigrants and other minorities and poor people at severe risk to be harassed or harmed by law enforcement. Each candidate committed to creating a city issued ID that would be available to all residents of San Antonio and a legal defense fund for citizen children who have lost their parents.


The third commitment, which I personally feel is the most important, was Economic security. Each candidate committed to raising the city’s minimum wage for city workers to $14.75/hr., for contract workers to $9.50/hr., and raise the city’s investment in QUEST to $2.5 million dollars. I’ve got to give to COPS Metro, they are a very strong and close-knit grassroots organization and they’ve been advocating for fair and equal pay for years, and I support their efforts to see this through.


Out of all the candidates who spoke I liked the energy I heard from District 2 Councilman Alan Warrick. On top of his commitments to COPS Metro, Councilman Warrick has committed to improving the quality of life for all in District 2. He’s been spotted in every neighborhood going door-to-door talking to residents and solving issues. I used to be very critical of the councilman, but after spending time block walking and talking to residents with him, I now see what many may not see from the councilman. I see a young man who comes from a great Family and I believe he loves his community. Yes, he made a (SUPPORT THE C.O.P.S AGENDA!)


few mistakes while in office, but how many “Perfect People” have YOU met in your Life? I would like to meet them to. Councilman Warrick admits that he still has a lot to learn but he’s willing to sit down with anyone and find ways to make District 2 the best place to live. Let’s give the man a chance.


Overall, I support the COPS Metro agenda because the citizens of San Antonio are tired of being cheated, short-changed, neglected, and looked over in favor of shiny fake out-of-towners buying up ALL the housing in poor neighborhoods and kicking the people out. I support their agenda because as an advocate for fairness and equality, it’s time THE PEOPLE are not just heard, but respected.


When you see the hashtag #VOTELOCAL, it means WE MUST VOTE in our city elections! Many times, we only vote in the national elections but hardly or ever in the local elections. While the national elections are important, the impact is long felt, but local elections have a more immediate impact. As voters, we can make more a difference locally and removing a candidate is far easier. What people don’t realize is, if they don’t vote locally, it influences national elections. If we don’t vote, we’re going to wind up with shady people representing Us and they are going to continue to neglect our neighborhoods. We should get behind organizations like COPS Metro and support their agenda because it benefits all citizens in the long run.


TRUE FREEDOM can only be achieved through economics and ownership. Nobody wants to go through Life as an economic slave. I’m tired of walking through different neighborhoods and seeing dilapidated housing and people walking around with their heads down. People deserve the chance to own their OWN and not have to worry about real estate poachers displacing them. It’s time to unite NOW! For Economic Freedom! Let’s STAND TOGETHER to put OUR VOTES where they matter and start pushing Our Agendas for OUR PEOPLE!!! WE MUSTVOTE!!! WE MUST TAKE A STAND!!!! The powers that be can no longer continue to hold Us down! Get your ASSES OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!!


#CarpeDiem #KeepLiving #VOTELOCAL


Early voting is May 30th


Runoff Election June 10th





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