The East Side Community Has Gained a True Angel


The family, the east side, the community, the church, friends and the bail bonds community has lost an Angel to Heaven- Ms. Montoya Rover.  The news broke out that Montoya Rover had passed last week and community members and a host of family and friends took to social media to share their relationship, memories, specific memories, and prayers to the Rover family about their beautiful daughter Montoya.

It's shocking, heart stopping and a huge loss to all of our hearts and to this community.  Montoya is THE pillar of a young women, who even in business, you were her friend- her smile, her beauty, and her connection to you no matter the situation was one I cannot replicate to another person if I had to think of another one like her.  There is not one.  She was the one.

Montoya was the essence of family and community.  Working for her father, Fernando Rover's Bail bondsmen business, she gave back through so many different avenues but service to our community is at the top of the list.  This is when we all hurt the same, we all feel loss, we rally around this family to support any need because that is what Montoya did for us- she never said no.

We would have to add another 50 pages to even show all the love and prayers for Montoya from social media but here are a few that tell the story above in other people's words and pictures.






I know we will all remember Montoya in our own ways. Her love and light will continue to inspire others as we carry her throughout life with us. We love and miss you so much Montoya, this community has a deep hole now that will only ever be filled with the memory of your smile and heart. I leave all of you with a FB post Montoya posted a while back, she is with us all always... (tear).







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