Well, the first day of early voting pulled some numbers most probably were not expecting- around 7,400 according to the Bexar County Elections Department.  Although that is about 200 less than the 7,741 who turned out on early voting day back in 2015, it is a start to the finish line though.  


The voter turnout this year, for a city our size, was and remains to be embarrassing but a lot has not been done which discourages voters to even begin to think their vote will matter (that is another entire story) and there is a huge number variation not being explained.


The Rivard Report's article, "Day One of Early Voting in June 10 Runoff Higher than General Election", written by Rocio Guenther on May 30th, stated that we have 1,049,400 registered voters in Bexar County. Although that is true, that lends no credible insight into voting numbers for the Mayoral and Council Races (and this run-off race) unless we subtract all of the voters who are included in that 1,049,400, that live in the COUNTY and not the CITY.  Then you have the total number of voters voting for Mayor and City Councils and the number of voters registered for this upcoming run-off race for the Mayor and City Council.


If voters live in the county then their voting ballot does not have the Mayor or City Council options on it, because they are in the county. 


For example, take FM 78.  If you are at Walzem and FM78 the Ventura Neighborhood behind the Valero Corner store- they cannot vote for the Mayor or District 2 City Council even though they are in D2.  Yes, weird but those are the rules. If you would like to test out the facts go to the Bexar County Elections Site at www.bexar.org/2231/Who-represents-me-Search and search for an address in the county.  When it pulls up and gives you the options to select a variety of street numbers pick one and it will then populate the precinct and district you are in, and IF you can vote for the Mayor and Council then you will see it states 'Sample Ballot' right in the middle of the page for that specific address.  If you do not see that but instead see a Precinct number like- 000 (example) Map then your in the county and their is no sample ballot because there is nothing for you to vote on in this run-off race.


So when you hear about how many people live in San Antonio compared to the voter turnout yes it is pretty sad, but let's not go off of the 1,049,400 registered voters because we are speaking about a Mayoral and Council race where that is not the true number of registered voters who can vote on either the Mayor or Council races.  So, don't be too discouraged, yes we have a long way to go in order to have a successful voter turnout but it starts with you who is reading this... take a break- GO VOTE (if you live in the city).




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