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News never stops unless we just decide to turn off our phones, the TVs, and basically isolate ourselves so it may be overwhelming but take a deep breath. Easier said then done with our country in the state it's in, the leadership, and just the bad acts in the world taking innocent lives.


This is the reason to stay in tune and know what's going on, so you can always be aware. Sometime we get good news and more often then not we get not so good news. My work associate slash 'instant friend connection' built up over the years with a young woman who our community is aching over the loss of- Montoya Rover.


I know many of us are looking at our phones at our last text messages with her like "This can't be right I just texted her last night" - me too. Please read the cover story about this beautiful young soul who lit up the East with only her presence.


We also saw SAPOA (San Antonio Police Officers Association) question and explain that Chief McManus should of never allowed Mayor Taylor to view the body cam footage of the Police Officers pummeling the face of a 14 yr old girl (God forbid the truth get out).


Hey Mike Helle- Ivy Taylor is the Mayor of San Antonio, yes the MAYOR in case you forgot.  


Mike- take note of the Florida Mayor's actions in the Treyvon Martin case- you are not God of San Antonio no matter what Sculley told you I'm here to tell you your not and to further explain here is an example-


Excerpt from Trayvon Martin Case article  

"Trayvon Martin shooting transforms part-time mayor" :


Pressure on the mayor's office mounted as people around the world signed petitions demanding Zimmerman's arrest. Mayor Triplett fielded calls from reporters and prepared for protest marches in Sanford.


He agreed to appear at a March 14 rally led by Baltimore evangelist Jamal Bryant. It proved a turning point for him."I walked in, and that's when it all really and truly hit me smack in the face. There were 500 people in there. There were people outside. There were news cameras and reporters from all over the nation," Triplett said.The mayor, who typically spent 10 hours a week on his official duties before the shooting, went to his supervisors at the bank and said he would take a leave of absence to focus on the city.


By now, Martin's family was asking Triplett to release the audio of a call that Zimmerman made to police on the night of the shooting and 911 calls from neighbors who heard the confrontation.


Police, prosecutors and the city attorney opposed releasing the calls because of the investigation, Triplett said."Everyone was saying to me, no, no, no, don't turn them over," he said. "I just continually asked, 'Why wouldn't we do this?'"


"I made that call to try to settle everything down a little bit, to let the family hear what transpired. We were being accused of a lot of things, or the police department was, so we can take the step to say, 'We're not here to hide anything.'" On March 16, Triplett invited Martin's family to his office at City Hall to listen to the calls. Natalie Jackson, an Orlando civil rights lawyer, told Reuters that she was there with Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton; his 21-year-old brother Jahvaris Fulton; two family representatives; and the city manager.


- break-


No Mike this is not an exact replica for an example but one your position should have the knowledge to understand comparison to. We have a Mayor for many reasons and one of those is to keep the citizens informed while helping and protecting families involved (like Mayor Triplett did by even turning his Mayor position into a full time one due to the CASE).


We didn't vote you into office to keep us up to date on how a 14 yr old black girl gets beat up by your officers. Stick to your job and the Mayor will stick to hers. I suggest you show your team work skills that are probably on your resume but get an F- for being able to display that skill to anyone but yourself.


Your team is yourself- self never wins but selfless service does. Digest that please if you can.


In other news (yes there is more) we asked Councilman Alan Warrick last week to address our youth in regards to alcohol and how to avoid things happening to others that happened to the Councilman. NO REPLY- I apologize to the youth that were actually waiting for the response because they are involved and care about D2. To our youth- stay inspired their are so many people around the community to uplift and lead you in the right direction and the leadership discouragement- there will always be that in the world just work to be better!  


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