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June 7, 2017



“Dad, am I next?”



A LOT of Folks may NOT admit it but....

I think deep down inside there are people in positions of power in San Antonio that hate Black Folks.'s regular everyday people that hate Black Folks… For this City to be 6-7% Black I believe we have done pretty good despite our obstacles...and guess what? Other groups don't like that!


They want Us to BOW DOWN and BEHAVE like some domesticated house pet! They want us to dress for the occasion but never actually go anywhere!  OR ELSE!


Just look at the video of the little 14yr old girl being manhandled by SAPD and you’ll see what I mean. Every day racism rears its ugly ass head. We see White people cuss out and yell at the police ALL THE TIME and NOTHING happens to them! A young Black girl gets slammed and roughed up by NOT ONE but TWO disrespectful cops!

As I watched the video, I began to tear up… because I have 3 daughters, one being 14.


I can only imagine my reactions if I saw my daughter being abused by SAPD. I called my whole Family in to watch the video…they began to cry too.


My 14yr old daughter, Amirah asked, “Dad, am I next?”


I nearly broke down.


Why does this city continue to marginalize the existence of Black People? Other groups in this city act like Black people didn't contribute to society.


They talk as if we are……. JUST HERE....collecting welfare checks on the Eastside.

We have a ‘black’ mayor who only chooses to be Black in theory and every January during the MLK March… It’s disappointing to see her politicize and exploit poor people for her campaign and to know that she truly doesn’t care about you unless you’re rich and in her sorority.


The mayor in ALL her political grandstanding about ‘helping the Eastside’ has done nothing more but find funding and investment for other sides of town, while Eastsiders are ONLY good for Dollar Generals, Family Dollars, 7-Elevens, high rent and shabby housing. Oh yeah, a Goodwill store too….


But let the mayor and the poverty pimps of the Promise Zone tell it, “We’re JUST FINE on the Eastside!”


I’ve served as co-chairman of the communications committee on Mayor Taylor’s Police Community Relations Council since last year, right after the controversial police contract got approved. The council was formed because of so many police killings of unarmed colored people in San Antonio and across the nation. The other co-chair is Dean Fischer, Vice-President of San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA).

A week before the City Council approved the contract, I and fellow activist Johnathan-David Jones, had a three-hour meeting with VP Fischer and SAPOA President Mike Helle about police accountability and working with communities.


We presented them with The OneCommunity Safe Pact. A pact put together by a few residents to address the concerns of the community and city. One of our main concerns was getting the police to understand that folks are upset about cops getting away with beating, shooting, and killing unarmed citizens, particularly Black folks. We went through the document, page by page and discussed in detail our thoughts and feelings.


SAPOA assured us that they were going to be “more proactive and transparent in working with communities of color” whenever another incident occurs again.

WELL…. right after I got news of the incident and video of the 14yr old, I sent the video to SAPOA President Mike Helle in an email…


Mr. Helle said, "Walter, my job is to protect my officers"


**See another email exchange below**




 Usually optimist thinkers, Johnathan and I left the meeting hopeful, but not sure about the meeting. Because we both knew this systemic problem was bigger than the both of us.


I asked Johnathan, “What did you think, Bro?” He exhaled and said, “Time will tell...”

Throughout the last nine months of unselfish work in Our communities, we’ve witnessed and experienced the continued disconnection that our people have with the city and the police. Just outright neglect of our feelings and concerns when it came to the things that matter to Us.


This neglect, stemming from an elitist mindset, has a negative impact on how wealth and resources are distributed to our neighborhoods, parks, schools, infrastructure, jobs, and our families.


This disconnection is having a deadly effect on the quality of life and the morale of many of our citizens. It’s ruining the trust of Our People and putting the moral fabric of Our City in jeopardy.


The Mayor’s assistant, Andrew Solano and Prosecutor Nico LaHood have openly expressed their disdain for original member and Freedom Fighter, Brother Sgt. Mike Lowe on numerous occasions in council meetings. WHY? is beyond me, but they and anybody else who feels like that are WRONG!


According to Andrew Solano, he’s, ‘disappointed Mike Lowe left the council without informing the mayor’s office.’ So how dare he question. “the effectiveness of the council?”


For starters, Brother Mike Lowe is a CHAMPION and HAS BEEN for quite some time. I don’t need to go into a list of accomplishments but I will say this.... THIS MAN is currently an NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER in the U.S. Military, so with that regard, he deserves his respect…also with that note, since he’s fought for the liberties that the mayor, Mike Helle, Chief McManus, Nico LaHood, and any other critic get to enjoy daily, Brother Sgt. Lowe can speak on ANYTHING he DAMN SURE PLEASES TO!!!


Sometimes…people can confuse their authority for Omnipotence.


The police union president Mike Helle can talk all kinds of shit to EVERYBODY in the City and think he doesn’t have to hold his officers accountable! What’s crazy about it all is that I’ve worked side-by-side with Mr. Helle and SAPOA Blue Cares delivering mattresses to 100 families on the Eastside. He’s never said or done anything to me personally and when we see one another, we’re cordial. SAPOA Vice President Dean Fischer has even donated to the Suit Up! Program to get tuxedos for prom this year.

We’ve worked with SAPD on numerous occasions in the community and through the Suit Up! Program. Detective Douglass Greene and Sgt. Mike Davis and others are shining examples of what police should be. We even work with the kids in the community on building positive relations with law enforcement. So, we’re NOT against law enforcement…We ARE AGAINST cops who exercise MISCONDUCT!!!!


So that’s why I’m tripping on Mike Helle making the comment in the Express News about, “The mayor had received so many calls from the East Side that she must have felt compelled to do something.” Now he’s pissed because the mayor wants to review the tapes.

He said, “Police Chief William McManus should have prevented Taylor from inserting herself into the case before the department finished its investigation of the officer. The decision to show her the video was unprecedented”


My question to Mr. Helle is, “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? Black Folks are TIRED of being the police’s punching bags and targets for your frustrations!



This “Mentality” displayed by SAPD is out of hand! Beating up young Black girls...Killing young Black Males...Disrespecting US because you guys have badges and guns so you feel you have license to get away with it!


But then again, after watching the police union ENDORSE the mayor RIGHT AFTER one of their officers brutalized a 14-year-old girl…


The mayor’s smile said it ALL….




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