'Streetz is Watchin'

June 14, 2017


'Streetz is Watchin’


The runoff elections are over and there were BIG changes on the City Council! No matter who you wanted to win, every candidate deserved a lot of respect for getting out there in the hot sun and working hard to ensure success. I hope and pray that this New Council will rise to the challenge and lead San Antonio in the right direction. 


The Mayor’s Community-Police Relations Council?


With Ivy Taylor OUT and Ron Nirenberg IN, the questions are:


• Will the Council still exist?

• If so, what are the next steps?

• Will Mayor Nirenberg hold law enforcement accountable?

• Will Black businesses get more city contracts??


The “New” District 2? 


With Alan Warrick now gone, and Councilman Shaw at the helm, the questions are:


• IS HE FOR REAL?? Or just a lawyer...?

• Will he commit to creating MORE HOME OWNERS than RENTERS in District 2?

• Will he commit to holding law enforcement ACCOUNTABLE for practicing      


• Will he bring ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT to the Eastside? (Not Family Dollars and 7-


• What will be his STRATEGIES on dealing with high crime?



There’s more, but I’m sure Councilman Shaw has been bombarded with requests and suggestions on what he should do or commit to while in office. My hope is that things get improved so the People of The Eastside can begin to walk around with their heads high again. The Eastside is a BEAUTIFUL place to live, work, and play!




We have so many hidden gems and historical neighborhoods that walking down the street feels like you’re in a movie. The residents of the Eastside and District 2 DESERVE THE BEST!!!


We need to continue to advocate for social, political and economic change in the district and city-wide! Our People are counting on the leaders to take them to the next level, but it’s really The People who have the power to change their situations. We shouldn’t depend on the councilman to fix every problem. As constituents, we should be ready to assist Councilman Shaw on whatever he needs to take the district forward. We MUST get District 2 back on track. 


I want to take the time to thank former Councilman Alan Warrick for a job well done on the city bond by bringing in $98 million for the Eastside and District 2 and for laying the groundwork for the Future!


I hope Councilman Shaw is reading this article because deep in his heart he KNOWS District 2 has been getting hosed and lied to. He KNOWS who’s been faking the People and who’s really been doing the work. Trust me…. HE KNOWS a LOT!


My hope is that he CLEANS HOUSE! 


Starting in the “Broken Promise Zone”





- Walt P.

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