June 21, 2017



In society today we have many definitions that describe what a family should be. I must say I have heard and seen many examples, but on the bus trip to D.C. I finally saw what a true family looks like.


I traveled over 60 hours round trip with the Sam Houston High School Band, and it was during that time I could see that they were more than a band, they were a family. These kids are phenomenal they may argue like siblings but they know how to have fun.


These kids care about each other, and are always willing to help one another. I have seen them give advice about school, life and even love. These kids are amazing at mentoring one another and giving those special words of encouragement to keep one another going. They have their days of hard work from being in band, to working on school work, yet they keep going. This band is a family that never gives up, picks up one another and will help carry your burdens. They have a deep passion for band, but they never forget that “God is Good All the Time”.


The best part of this trip was that I finally saw that no matter what they may face in life they will forever have a place to call home. This family wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Mr. Adams and Ms. Stevenson, they are truly a father, mother and mentor to all the band members.


Then of course we have some awesome band boosters, along with all the family members of our band directors that have given up time with their loved ones. All these people have played a key role in making Sam Houston band a success by sending so many kids to college.


I am grateful to God that I have been able to march with the Sam Houston Band for the last two years, because it’s renewed my faith.



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