Black Lives Never Mattered when All White Lives Mattered 


Black lives never truly mattered but white lives always mattered. The South’s long lasting system of racial organization was the scene of countless struggles against the system of white privilege that ruled America for hundreds of years. The rules of racial etiquette ruled supreme and any violation of those rules would often mean death, beatings, hangings, and being burned out by mobs of whites that were propagandized into the system of racial oppression. Southern bigots chased out those who opposed racism by calling these heroes “Yankees, Carpetbaggers, and N….. Lovers.” If all lives truly mattered we would not be having this conversation. 


    After Reconstruction, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, white supremacists put together an effort to spread and extend segregation and racial hatred across the country and even to other countries. This was enforced by the police and other authorities. Though the law says those days are over the reality on the ground is quite different as hundreds of police departments are filled with racists that have recently infiltrated police departments in greater numbers. There were no laws preventing whites from eating where they pleased or voting unless one was a poor white. There were no laws that forced whites into inferior segregated schools or prevented them from living like normal human beings. This is why black lives never mattered. There were laws that prevented blacks from going to “white only theatres” and laws that prevented blacks from worshiping in white only churches. When one spoke of Dixie it was understood that you were speaking of a racist country different from other areas of the U.S. Songs like “I Wish I Was In Dixie,” and “When Johnny Reb Comes Marching Home” were signals that one had better be careful in the South. When one speaks of “Southern Heritage” don’t let them fool you into thinking that slavery and racism can be separated from “Southern Heritage.”


    Being careful in the South meant not looking at white women, keeping your eyes down when a white approached on the sidewalk, and getting in the street if a white approached, or as it was called “giving whites the wall.” These rules were in force in Dixie for hundreds of years and remained in force when Civil Rights workers began to dismantle the Jim Crow South. Even after slavery was abolished with the passage of the 13th Amendment Southern Dixie racists found a way to violate federal law by having sheriffs and former plantation owners work deals with the court system to falsely jail thousands of blacks on trumped up charges of vagrancy forcing them to return to the farms to work off fines. They were beaten and caged like animals because black lives did not matter. Now we must be careful when driving as black lives still don’t matter when comes to police abuse. Not all police officers are like this, but the racists one are protected with acquittals or no charges being filed against those that are killing minorities.


    Even though the case of Brown vs. Board of Education ended official segregation it has persisted. To get around the issue of anti-segregation laws white rebel supremacists started enrolling their children in white-only private charter schools. The system of Jim Crow has been legally dismantled and the South and is not going to rise again, but the color-coded rules of segregation, police abuse, and injustice still stifle the black population. Blacks were forced into menial jobs and segregated colleges that only taught skills that were expected of blacks: like waiting on tables, cooking food, sewing clothes, etc. 


    When Emmet Till, a fourteen year-old boy was murdered by racists in Mississippi in 1955, many blacks began to arm themselves. Robert Williams wrote a book called “Negroes With Guns,” and went to Cuba where he had his own radio program which urged blacks to arm themselves and kill Klansmen. At age eleven, Williams witnessed the ruthless beating and dragging of a black woman by police officer Jesse Helms, Sr., the father of U.S. Senator Jesse Helms. Robert Williams carried a pistol wherever he went and meant to use it if attacked by any racist. Williams was attacked even by leftist groups, but his inspiration would eventually help to establish the original Black Panther Party for Self Defense.


    The next time you hear someone saying “All Lives Matter” as a rebuttal to the Black Lives Matter Movement, remind them if all lives matter then why do you have a problem with the lives of blacks being in the category of all lives? Even though there have been some gains, black lives never mattered in the history of this country, and still don’t as a matter of public policy. Of course all lives matter fool, and that is why Black Lives Matter too!



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