Dear Ms. Sculley


Dear Ms. Sculley,

I write to you to request your assistance in saving one of the four iconic historical institutions remaining on the Eastside/District 2.


Although many of us live in different Districts or towns, we are forever in our hearts citizens of San Antonio. I was born and raised on the Eastside. I went to many functions and participated programs offered by Ella Austin in my childhood. Over the years I have seen many benefit from their cradle to grave programs.


Mr. Hargrove and my step father served in the Armed Forces and worked together after their retirement along with many others to ensure their talents and the programs serving District 2 remained viable and successful. As an adult I had the pleasure of serving as a Loaned Executive to United Way through my work with AT&T/Communications Workers of America in 2008 raising funds to support their childcare, recreation, Meals on Wheels, housing and other Emergency Services.


This institution has served District 2 for over 100 of the 300 years our city is now celebrating. There are so many viable solutions the city could support in saving it. The City could invest in the property by repairing the roof. The programs generate revenue on their own. At a minimum the City needs to ensure that the services remain accessible to our most vulnerable populations, children and the elderly.


The iconic institutions and neighborhoods are the legacy my grandparents left to me and what I intend to leave to my children. I am a property owner who lives in both San Antonio and Austin. I come home to participate in civic organizations because that is where my heart and soul will always be. I implore you to find a viable solution.


- Mario Marcel Salas

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