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What a great parade and celebration of Juneteenth this past weekend where the parade started at Sam Houston HS and ended at Comanche Park for a celebration with community residents. Juneteenth is a huge milestone to always be celebrated!  The parade was great, thank you to all who participated and came out to not only support but celebrate.


As we transition through leadership of Council and Mayor we wonder what may happen in our community's future because we need one, one with A LOT more opportunity.  Gentrification won't do it, that only brings in high rises and throws people away and does not serve the community.  I urge you all to really read up on the Promise Zone initiatives that former President Obama implemented and CHOSE San Antonio as one of the cities to start it off, as we start really diving into the evolution of- WHAT HAS SAN ANTONIO DONE WITH THE PROMISE ZONE? (A new weekly column).


I go to meetings, I go to mixers, I walk the streets, I hold casual conversations with those who call into the paper not understanding why certain things are or are not happening.  When you are immersed in these sorts of things you just know who is for the community and who is not and is only for self.  It is a shame to see some of these individuals involved with the Promise Zone... it's not so promising.  I actually received a youth column running next week titled, "The Promise Zone Curse" from the perspective of an innocent youth community member.


We have a job here and that is to report the news.  We will continue to report the news and sometimes truths hurt, don't make it a truth if you don't want the 'truth' out.  No matter who is at the table, who is under the table or who is hiding behind the table the truth always comes out in every aspect in life.  We just saw in our city council election that truths do come out and when they do you have to look back and say, "What should I have done different?" 


As we start following the Promise Zone initiative I hope, for the people of this community, the truth's are uplifting, motivating and empowering and not another slap in the face with an open hand.


Remember- we fight for history on the East Side because we HAVE history.  Stone Oak (just an example) doesn't exude the history we have, nor does the Dominion, nor does La Cantera area so when everyone would like to know what we are championing for and why some are so passionate about keeping certain things- it's history, the East Side's History because there is so much.


Please read up on the Promise Zone and become familiar with what former President Obama had a vision for not what 'developers' and 'greeds' vision is.  



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