June 21, 2017


Last week I received a mass text saying that there’s going to be a “SECRET MEETING” about The Ella Austin Center being torn down so, I and about 10 of my friends attended. When we arrived, we saw the same old washed up faces conducting the meeting, and to NOBODY’S SURPRISE, Beverley Watts-Davis was front and center. The word was going around that the Ella Austin Board was SECRETLY MEETING to discuss plans to demolish the building in favor of new development. There were a lot of emotions in the meeting because so many poor people in the area depend on the services Ella Austin provides like free childcare and after school programs for neighborhood kids.


Ella Austin’s Executive Director, Andrew Hargrove has been an excellent leader and mentor to the many people who utilize the center. Usually a soft-spoken Man, he stepped up to the plate and delivered his Heart as he passionately spoke to the standing room only crowd about “Saving Ella.” 


As Mr. Hargrove was talking, I looked over at Beverley Watts-Davis, Willie Mitchell, and Frank Dunn. They looked off-guard and upset…because they knew some of us could read through their smelly horseshit. Someone like ME…who KNOWS this Broken Promise Zone like the back of my hand….and the wolves who hunt and feed in it. They CLAIM that Councilman Warrick PROMISED and then reneged on an extra three years to lease the Ella Austin Center from the city. Surprisingly, the city of San Antonio was supposed to show up to the secret meeting too, but they cancelled at the last minute…(lol)




Here’s how I KNEW SOMETHING WAS FISHY about the meeting…. The Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association president WASN’T THERE??? He’s a BIG Ella Austin supporter AND the meeting was in his neighborhood. I’m SURE he wasn’t too busy, so WHY wasn’t he called? Because they knew he would call them out like I did. 



LOOK around the Eastside and tell me what you See. Do you See PROMISE or BROKEN PROMISES??


The residents who were DISPLACED from the old Wheatley Courts area are now scattered across the city and I’ve heard some are even struggling or homeless. 



My questions are: 


1.)  What happened to the First-Time home buyers program through The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) that PROMISED the Eastside residents the opportunity to buy a home for $1 down?


2.)  HOW MANY EASTSIDE HOMEOWNERS were created through the program?


3.)  WHY is East Meadows almost a year behind schedule?


4.)  WHY were the bathrooms built on the SECOND FLOOR of East Meadows?


When you hear the term Social Responsibility, what does it mean to you? According to the dictionary, Social responsibility is defined as an ethical theory, in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty; the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment. 


In other words, whatever we choose to pursue in Life, our gifts, talents, resources, our BUSINESS and FOCUS MUST benefit SOCIETY in a positive way! We should “Want for Our Brothers and Sisters what we would want for Ourselves.” ALWAYS!Unfortunately, Social Responsibility is NOT being practiced in The BROKEN PROMISE ZONE on the Eastside.


Nearly 5 years later, “The Eastside Promises” have NOT been fulfilled! Originally intended to help poor people to get back on track to obtain a piece of the American Dream, The Broken Promise Zone has turned into a savage feeding ground for developers and investors, big paydays for unethical community leaders and a nightmarish breeding ground for gentrification. 


People who run these agencies practice an elitist mentality…. further eroding the morale of the Eastside community. “No begging Eastside Niggers Allowed!” is what one executive director in THE BROKEN PROMISE ZONE PROUDLY says in board and staff meetings and in public. Funny thing is, that person IS BLACK! (or NOT!)

The jobs that were PROMISED to Eastsiders either moved to other parts of town or employers only want to hire for less than livable wages.


Economic development is going GREAT for developers and investors, but for local Eastside businesses who’ve been here since forever, NOT SO MUCH! 


What about crime? All these folks are going to do is write and receive a federal grant from your grief!


The scary part about it all is that these people walk around our community…Pimping our seniors and lying to the poor people…EVERYDAY!…making money…for themselves and “Other People” …EVERYDAY! but NOT FOR YOU!!!

It’s TIME to start ASKING QUESTIONS! And DEMANDING ANSWERS! Because something fishy is going on in The BROKEN PROMISE ZONE and has been for quite some time. Now that the elections are over and Ivy Taylor and Alan Warrick out, these hacks and poverty pimps are jockeying for position and realigning themselves again. Our Community NEEDS ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT! NOT FAMILY DOLLAR! 


With Councilman Shaw getting sworn in on Thursday, will THIS be the beginning of a NEW ERA for The Eastside? Or will it be MORE BROKEN PROMISES???? 


The Streetz Is Watchin!


#CarpeDiem #KeepLiving



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