Paris Climate Support


I am pleased to support joining hundreds of other cities in supporting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. It is important to act locally while thinking globally. We must act now to combat climate change to protect our environment and our families for generations to come.

Climate change doesn't just pose a threat to our environment - it will also have social and economic consequences, which is why San Antonio must aim to protect all three: our environment, our businesses, and most importantly our community.

Continuing efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to improve air quality in San Antonio is a cause I am proud to support, especially since this cause is lacking adequate support from the state level - with Governor Abbott cutting $6 Million from Texas' clean air program.

The youth of today, tomorrow, and generations to come should not have to worry about having clean air. Sustainability is key and is a topic we must focus on now.

As the 7th largest city in the Nation, the decisions we make here set an example and a precedent for other cities across the country. I am proud to stand on the right side of history by supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and vowing to work to improve air quality right here in San Antonio.






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