June 28, 2017

When you stop talking about something and close the conversation is when secret conversations take place as if we forgot about the issue.... so let's keep it pushing... hashtag it, use it as your signature block quote, get a bumper sticker but we will do all we can to #saveella.


We heard from Councilman Shaw that he is 110% behind Ella Austin.  What does that exactly mean, we are not sure.  Everything evolves, especially economy but somehow Ella needs to stay. Per the former President Obama's vision for community centers and his Promise Zones- Ella needs to stay.


I am very close to a man who was once a young boy.  This young boy went to Ella Austin to play basketball almost everyday with all of the friends in the neighborhood.  He told me there would be so many other kids getting into riff raff and trouble outside of Ella Austin so the Director, at the time, would go outside and yell for everyone to come in and play basketball, play whatever just come in!


Some of you reading this story right now may be thinking, "That was me and my friends he would yell to come in and play", yes it was and probably a million other group of friends that may not be in the position they are in today in this community had the Director back then of Ella Austin not cared.  He took the boys in as his own and made sure they were off the streets when he could.  


We will all continue the conversation and pull for Ella Austin because as soon as it stops being spoken about it is gone.  


See what one community resident says about Ella Austin, The Eastside all from his perspective.  You can also find his original post on our facebook page at




From a community resident on Observer's FB Page:

The promise zone has inevitably been broken because this is just a repeat of broken promises made to the East side in the past. When the Spurs moved their organization over to the Alamodome too. Its current location was promises that the move would enhance the economic condition of the East side by stimulating business growth and provide jobs principally to citizens of the East side. The majority of those jobs have not been given to Eastside residents. Those who have worked those jobs have done so through temp services who typically pay minimum wage for part time work hours without any benefits. The AT&T Center has brought many benefits to many, however the East side has benefited the least. Additionally, small businesses have not been enhanced as a result. This issue has been mute for years and is still ignored. Developers and investors have not shown interest in the Eastside.... not as they have done on the Southside with the Brooks City Base Project which has literally transformed that area of the city. And that's a positive thing. When will that level of positivity be devoted to the East side. The closing , or moving, of the Ella Austin Center will diminish the hopes and opportunities we on the East side continue to lack. We have to strive to SAVE ELLA. And then use that momentum to enhance our collective lives on the East side of this city. Again.... SAVE ELLA!!!!


This center has generations of memories to present.  Keep talking and keep sending the message to keep our Ella Austin Community Center, it's Staff and Director as these children are hugely being benefitted.




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