June 28, 2017




I come to you with a Message! One given to me in a Vision…from The All Mighty God! The Lord called my name and said, “Walter, I want to show you something!” God placed me in a state of Taqwa (God Consciousness) to keep me at Peace…Because what I SAW was indeed remarkable!  In this Vision…I was standing on The Freedom Bridge…Somewhere between The Eastside and Heaven.


Out of the darkness, droves of people began to appear and walk past me. It looked just like Our Eastside Martin Luther King March when we reached over 300,000 marchers that one year.  I stopped some people and asked them, “Where are ya'll going?!”  They said, “We’re going to The PROMISED LAND!”  Appearing befuddled, I asked, “WHO ARE YALL?!”  They said, “We are the People who were ALWAYS LAST! But now God has PROMISED Us to BE FIRST!”


And then they kept walking as fast as they could.  I then Saw a BEAST… perched on the edges of the bridge…with three heads like a Vulture, a Snake and a Bloody Wolf! It was screaming loudly, but couldn’t move from the edge of the bridge. Behind it was Fire and lava down below.  An old man walking and holding a signed that said, “BECOME A MEMBER”, recognized me and shouted, “Walter, DON’T TALK to them! Or You may end up like them!”


“WHAT IS THAT?!”, I bellowed back to the old man.


He walked over, placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “They WERE the ‘Keepers of The PROMISE!’ Their job was to make SURE that The People NEVER COME LAST! But they BROKE The PROMISE and began creating mischief throughout the land practicing greedy and selfish ways. They began to worship false idols instead of practicing Good Faith. They perverted The PROMISE and took advantage of The People. (THEY) PUT (THEMSELVES) FIRST! Now GOD is PUTTING THEM LAST!”  And then the old man turned around with his sign that NOW read, “VISIT LAKE MLK!” and walked off.  God then said to me, “Open your hand, Walter…”  


On the palm of my hand were the words, “YOU’RE FIRST!” Suddenly, my body began to pull itself in the direction of the people as if it were being pulled by a magnet. As I continued walking along the Freedom Bridge, my Life began to flash before my Eyes. I saw so many People before me FIGHT to be FIRST for so long, only to fall short and die penniless.


I also saw the Blues of the Eastside streets, when the crack epidemic ruined our families. I saw so many of our parents go in and out of prison…get on and off dope…fall and get back up…. then pass that curse down to us…. I Saw Us repeating the cycle and then passing that curse to OUR kids! I saw the LIES AND DECEIT! I SAW BROKEN PROMISE AFTER BROKEN PROMISE!   I saw the rich culture, history and family bonds. I saw children playing happily. I saw The Eastside Boys and Girls Club…I saw EASTSIDE PRIDE!  I saw myself getting out of prison…I saw myself adjusting to Life. I saw my best friend getting murdered. I saw The Eastside falling apart. I saw a Black Man become President of the United States. I saw HOPE! 


As We approached the Gates of The Promised Land my heart stopped… what laid before our eyes was something I’ve never seen before! THIS VISION WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

God’s Message was TRUE! 





(To Be Continued)













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