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First we want to give our deepest condolences to Officer Moreno's family during this horrible time of loss.  We also send our prayers to Officer Cavasos and his family as he continues to pull through his injuries.  As Councilman Shaw expressed, this is senseless violence that must end.  Everyone here at The Observer sends our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for all.

I've heard to many times this week "What the heck is going on!" ... in this world.

I do not know.  I believe we all wish we had the answer.  As cliche' as it may sound I truly believe the answer is love.  People are hurting, people are tired, people are hopeless and people are giving up and giving in to rage- there is no love in any of that- not a drop.

But how did we get to this point? I need a lot more space to even start to explain that but it's not something that just came out of no where.  It's been brewing and action wasn't taken when red flags were everywhere.  Red flags such as umm hello- mistreatment in every way possible of so many cultural groups, Blacks, Muslims, Immigrants... everything diverse is being treated in ways others are not.  When you have a President beating up a 'CNN WWE WRESTLER' as a mock up and tweets it to the world we must look to our community leadership.

Councilman Shaw has dove in to District 2... he is just getting started and is a person you want to reach out to who will visit your event or kiddos at school or sports.  Remember you have a strong passionate leader right here for you and we will be here for him.

#D2OnTheRise < use hashtag #D2OnTheRise when posting photos or anything on social media so we can see and include our community doing what we do!


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