San Antonio Community Police Relations

July 5, 2017


We open the cartridge of eggs every time we buy them at the grocery store and we are sure our fellow community does the same.  Why do we do that?  Why is it that every single time we buy eggs we open the lid?  Well, to make sure we are getting a good dozen eggs and that none of them are cracked.  The sad thing is that if just one egg has a slight crack or line we close that dozen up and open the next hoping all 12 eggs are nice and in tact.


One scar on one egg tarnishes the whole dozen for the consumer.  Hold on though, you are telling me 11 eggs get trashed and get no respect for doing their job (they aren't broken)? No...  The stocking personnel will go into the refrigerator at the end of every day and take out all the broken/hairline cracked eggs and fill those empty spaces with the good eggs so that we again have a perfect dozen waiting to serve the next customer when they open the lid.


 There are so many analogies but we hope this one resonates with some one as we understand police relations with the community is shaky at best.  There are a ton, yes a ton, of officers who are not in it for any reason that is right but we always must remember- there are tons x10 who ARE.  


We will always, as a community, give that high 5 to the Officers taking the time to truly understand where police and community relations stand and their are so many Officers trying to make it better. We ask one thing of all of our upstanding Officers- put a bug in some one's ear when you know you have one in the ranks who is a danger to our community and not a safety net.  If we miss that piece we will hardly ever make any advancements to the good work Officers are doing as one wrong unarmed shooting takes all community relations back to square one and that is where hope starts to diminish.


Sometimes we see a lot of hope and sometimes we feel more hopeless, but...

where this is hope their is faith and where their is faith- miracles happen.  


Thank you to this Officer for the simple kind expression on his face, his caring demeanor and for coming out to this SAPD event with the community and our children.


These types of pictures tell a story with no words needed.



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