Walt's Weekly Wisdom

July 5, 2017


My grandfather, Ted Carter was skillful at many things. He was what some would call a “True Jack” or people person. I remember when We were little, he built our bunk beds from scratch! The man could pretty much build anything with his bare hands. When I saw him do that I knew I could do anything I put my mind to.


We are as strong as we believe! We can do anything we put Our minds to! Every time we focus our thoughts on something constructive, our results will always prove powerful. From the day we discover ourselves, we should decide to cease living our lives as average!


We became Thinkers…. WE stopped being afraid to explore things that challenged our intellects. We fell in love with the poetry of overcoming our struggle. We were awakened to the philosophy of living. We became flowers that blossomed from our spirits.  (Back when I was in prison, reading was all we could do to mentally escape the bars and cells.  Sometimes I mentally drift back off into that place when I’m trying to find my peace.)


I believe that one of the keys to shaping our future is access to economic resources. Our City is notorious for working people hard, but paying them like slaves. They’ve cultivated the people’s mindset to believe that the MORE hours you work, the MORE you will make and get ahead. That’s slavery to us…and we refuse to live our lives as slaves.


My mix of street knowledge and college education has played a tremendous part in the progress of my life. I think without it; a lot of things would’ve happened TO me and not happened FOR me. If you ever want to be anything in life, you must have the education AND the mental fortitude to be able to deal with the obstacles that will come in your way. 


We should continue to find value in the world… Every day is New! Fall in love with every new experience.  God has placed us in great positions to bring about positive change in our communities and we shouldn’t let Him down. Become an advocate for positive change! People need to see and believe in heroes. If you can’t find a hero, become one yourself.  Remain humble, faithful, and persistent, you’ll succeed. How do I know? 


God said so.


Rising Stars Leadership Summer Camp and lunch sponsor Mark Outing





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