Hello Beautiful!



 Hello, Beautiful!! 


I am just like most of you… I am strong, I have faith, I love and will do anything it takes to provide for my family along with countless other obligations. This column is a place and space to let our hair down and talk to other “REAL” Women. We all need a good ‘ladies night out’ or girl’s trip with other Beautiful Sistas to release and be ourselves…. and that is exactly what we are going to do here. We can discuss what Women do and deal with every day… like prayer (I can’t get enough), relationships (including men other women and children), beauty, cooking, music, and

much more. Just WOMEN STUFF!                                                                                         Tell the kids and bae to chill for a bit we are going to have serious un prohibited, unscripted grown woman GIRL TALK. Many times, we are not able to fully express how we really feel because we are so committed to staying strong and giving all our energy to encouraging others. This space is just for you!  


Get your glass of wine, juice or whatever floats your boat on chill, we’ve got work to do. Empowerment, love and encouragement is what will be promoted here weekly so get ready for some amazing stuff!


I will be completely honest with you, I wasn’t the most loving or encouraging Woman. I dealt with feelings of envy and jealousy, especially if I thought another woman had what I wanted and wasn’t getting.


Then prayer shifted my focus. It developed my maturity. 


My mission is to engage and provide a platform of love and support, something that we all need and not just when somebody wants something in return. I cannot do this alone though, I welcome your ideas, input and comments to assure all our voices are heard.

I believe wholeheartedly that no one is exempt from obtaining ANYTHING they desire, God’s mercy, Grace and Favor is available for everyone who seeks it. No longer are the days when we must criticize, gossip about, use and abuse others. TODAY is the day to BUILD!  Here I welcome you all to love FIRSTLY yourselves, then others.  I encourage transparency, honesty and mature dialogue.


And with that “HELLO BEAUTIFUL” my name is Alicia True Perry and I am glad to meet you! #MakeTODAYGreat!!!






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