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A lot is moving in and around the community and that to me is uplifting!  With the election of D2 Coucilman "Cruz" Shaw (you probably just met his team on the cover of this paper and read a bit about them) different people have different hopes.  


Some people don't care either way as this is a community long overlooked and numb to any type of 'change' promises, so I can't blame them either for their non chalant attitude, can you? It's truly a proven fact that once you ignore someone for so long eventually they just shut up and don't care anymore.  So, I get it and they are allowed to feel that way.  And others who are still in the fight for right are allowed to feel their way and keep it pushing.  


One thing we have to know and respect is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  In one way or another someone is praying for us while another is down at a protest at city hall so we are all in this one way or another.  As Councilman Shaw's staff expressed, they are excited to work with our community.  If you read each Staffer's Bio on the front cover story you will see the great skill, education, political, community and activist work within our new D2 office.  


I encourage our community to continue welcoming and supporting this new team as we are now. We understand the D2 team may be in between a rock and a hard place with a lot of city 'red tape' and 'politricks' (as Walter Perry puts it lol) but I have a really good sense of this community.  This community, the D2 community.. it has a lot of heart and soul.  When you have that, you always have hope somewhere and there is a lot of it in D2.  


So, welcome D2 Staff.  The Eastside community (all of D2) welcomes you and we are here to work right along side of you! 

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