New Mayor… Same Ole Politricks?

July 19, 2017


I’ve been chilling and enjoying my family this summer, but I couldn’t help but notice that Mayor Nirenberg formed a whole bunch of “committees.”  What’s Interesting is District 2 Councilman Cruz Shaw serving as chair of the Public Safety Committee.  It’s responsible for establishing policies and programs related to fire protection, emergency management, EMS service delivery, police and law enforcement and judicial procedures. 


What’s important to note is that this committee will be responsible for recommending policies that promote enhanced community relationships in connection to police activities….The interesting part about Shaw serving as chair is that he was never present at the former mayor Taylor’s Community-Police relations meetings. I really hope Mr. Shaw reaches out to the people who’ve been working on community-police relations and not let politricks get in the way of working with the people who’ve been dedicating their time to The Cause.


With District 2 having HIGH unemployment and lack of amenities, I pray that Councilman Shaw would be ALL OVER the Economic/Workforce Development committee, BUT, I see they have him on Fun” committees” …like Art, and Parks, and SA Tomorrow.  It’s also of no coincidence that Shaw is on a committee dealing with housing…We’ll see what “housing” improvements our bond dollars will make outside of Mahncke Park. Especially with Dignowity Hill and Broadway St. taking the lion’s share of the $98 million awarded to District 2. It’s also going to be interesting to see how the whole Ella Austin debacle turns out, too. Trust me yall…. Actions WILL speak louder than words.


Mayor Nirenberg showing Walter Perry his score on Candy Crush.


As for Mayor Nirenberg, I hope he doesn’t forget about the people who’ve shown the passion and dedication for the work. I don’t see much diversity on these committees and city appointments. Not ONE BLACK representative on the Governance Committee, not ONE on the Economic and Workforce Development, or anything that shows economic empowerment for Blacks in San Antonio. Hell, there’s NO District 2 representation period! They say this is a “City of inclusion” …We (Black Folks) say, “That’s Bullshit!” SHOW AND PROVE IT!!!!


I like Mayor Nirenberg and I have faith that he’ll do a great job, but he needs to do BETTER!  How can anyone call this “New Council” progressive when they are still excluding Black people from key positions in San Antonio?  I think it’s hypocritical to openly fight for white and hispanic issues when it comes to law enforcement, jobs, housing, economics, AND CULTURE while at the same time IGNORING and DISREGARDING the SAME issues that affect Black People. Then again, if you have Black people in position (like Councilman and former mayor for example) and they refuse to fight and advocate for their people, how can a community truly become successful?


That’s why it’s important for Councilman Shaw to discover and create NEW and EXCITING opportunities for The Eastside and improving District 2 FOR ALL! 


I reached out to Shaw to offer my support for improving the community and he responded positively and we’re supposed to be meeting soon. The last time I tried to schedule a meeting with Nirenberg, he cancelled on me….We’ll see how it goes yall!

Mayor Nirenberg and Councilman Shaw…The Streetz Are WATCHING!


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