We Have Been Manipulated


In many ways people are like animals they have practiced violence against one another since the beginning of human history. They choose to mark off territory using rivers, mountains, valleys, and finally maps in more modern times much like the way animals urinate or scratch bark to leave a scent that violators will be attacked of killed. Such is the sadness of human existence. Societies are organized in a top down manor like a pyramid. In the pyramid is a maze which captures individuals and leads them to many dead ends. Those on top of a pyramid rule, while those on the bottom suffer at the hands of the rulers. All societies discriminate against people on the basis of gender, race, class, religion, nationality, tribe, and language in one form or another and some people accept the norms and ideas of those on top. This Alpha pyramid has been white and male dominated anchored by class (wealth) position, so that discrimination by the wealthy is directed against poor whites as well.


    The world was developed within a history of these placements. Fortunately, over the course of many centuries people have fought against injustice in order to have a better life. We were all born into this structured system that discriminates in one form or another. We are never just individuals making things happen on our own. We can either choose to go along with the situation we were born into or fight to make it better.  It is a sorrowful commentary that the majority of people often just go along with the way things are. Our life span is very short, and we won’t ever be here again and that’s why we should do the best we can for ourselves and humanity. We can go along with things, or join the few who have decided that this life and our society can do better. 


         We inherit the past and all of the negative and positive things that come with it.

We must be mindful that powerful social forces control what we do to a large degree. Even though we have free will, it is in control for those that remain unaware. We all need to become aware of who we are and what we want to be, and to know ourselves as more than what society has told us we are. Society is always trying to put people in boxes or mazes, especially people of color and other minorities. A trapped animal in a box will only survive if oxygen holes are provided. It is better if we punch our own holes as opposed to the ones provided that may only secure more foundation myth. It is imperative that holes be punched in the box so that we may breathe freely. 


        I remember seeing people of color treated badly, of racism and oppression, and general patterns of insensitivity that humans have toward one another. I was not always aware of it and only synthesized it later in time, but it was this picture of life that propelled me to refuse to accept certain patterns of control from sources that had little moral authority to impose their will upon me or anyone else. Of course many sociologists, some of whom never read the classic work of Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth, have no clue as to how rebelliousness is formed within a society that is unjust, but whose analysis is made from ignorance of the racial and class pyramid we live in. Whites are also unaware of the falsehoods that they believe. They also were taught fiction such as the Civil War was not about slavery—it was mainly about slavery!


         I choose to always be wary of the advice some may have, as it may be good advice, but totally unreliable to explain your own issue, or the political, economic, and social issues that that were built to protect white supremacy and those on the top of the pyramid. It fact, almost all of those that we are supposed to see as heroes in our present educational system, have been tainted with the ideas of racism; Mark Twain, Plato, Kant, Jack London, and others furthered the aims of injustice, genocide, ethnocide, and helped to ruin the world with their flowery literature that provided a mask for intolerance.  When we learn about the Renaissance we never hear about how such supposedly learned men could be so hateful of Native Americans, blacks, the Irish, and others. It was during the Renaissance that “scientific racism” was born.  The whole of the Western world learned from men who helped to ruin the world with the ideas of white supremacy. We have indeed been manipulated by a false history of how we came to be as individuals and a nation.  



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