July 25, 2017

   The young life of precious De-Earlvion Whitley taken senselessly from a drive by gang shooting...


Everyone in our Eastside Community- we need you now and we need you ALL IN.  Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Pastors, Teachers, School Principals, Childcare Providers, Coaches, Producers, Barbers, Friends, everyone- we need your mentorship, your leadership and your influence because we all know this happened with a gun- but ...... it's much deeper then that.  That's why we need everyone ALL IN as we move forward to combat the plague in this community now!

Gang affiliations started a long long time ago on the Eastside and are still killing senselessly.  This time shooting a 4 year old in his home as they sprayed the house with bullets on a drive by.  His name is De-Earlvion Whitley.  And those 'people' responsible for this- their names are Cowards.

Little Earl did nothing but what he is supposed to do at 4 years old but play with friends, play football and the innocence of his life was taken by this drive by gang shooting.  Senseless, tragic, and disgusting.

We must engage the community as Councilman Shaw, Chief McManus, DA Nico LaHood, and Mayor Nirenberg all stated they cannot do it alone and they are absolutely right we must help police our own.  We police our own by mentorship.  How about the OG's who these gangs are killing in the name of get together and agree to stop the violence? Some aren't in the gang action per se anymore but the ones in the action, they have respect for them and will listen more to them then anyone else.  We need the conversation to start now OG's- please the community is asking and begging for this to stop plaguing our neighborhoods our streets our places of play- everywhere.



We need you ALL IN.  We need everyone to start talking and mentoring and being a resource even if it's just giving someone a free piece of GOOD advice who may be going down the wrong road.

De-Earlvion Whitley, your spirit is felt because the loss of your sweet soul has broken this community in half.  We will band together as most of us have but we need buy in from everyone.



Please call 210.212.6397 if you'd like to be a mentor or any type of resource you may have to offer for this family and/or a resource you may be able to offer even if it's a meeting space once a week you have open that could be of use, or if you'd just like to give your opinion so we can start talking!  We need all opinions and ideas so we can honor Earl through so many others.  Earl will live on through all of us who are ALL IN.

Councilman Shaw took to the pulpit to address the community in this tragic time along with Mayor Nirenberg, DA LaHood, Police Chief McManus.  Here is the message Councilman Shaw has for the community in response to this horrendous act of gang violence:

By: Councilman Shaw

Call for unity in response to gun violence in District 2:

We have lost yet another citizen to gun violence - a 4 year old child, De-Earlvion Whitley, better known as Earl. The gun violence must stop.

It has plagued our families, our spirits, and now our children. This heartbreaking incident comes at a critical time where our district and our city has made public safety our main focus and priority.

As the chair of the Public Safety Committee I will do everything in my power to combat the illegal gun ownership and continued proliferation of these weapons which fuel the gang and drug violence in our community.

To do this, it will take a united effort. We must come together as a city to say no more and act accordingly. The death of De-Earlvion Whitley cannot be forgotten. It should be forever etched in our memory, as we fight for the community we deserve.

By working together - we will continue to fight for a better future for our city.

Our children deserve better, our families deserve better, San Antonio deserves better.

My prayers are with De-Earlvion Whitley's family and with our city as we push to make our neighborhoods and children safer.

Enough is enough.


He is right ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, so the question remains, will you be ALL IN FOR EARL? The Observer is ALL IN and we will never get out.

Rest in Heaven sweet Earl, as Councilman Shaw stated, you are permanently etched in our hearts and souls and we will continue to fight for your justice in any way we can.  Your legacy will remain always! 





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