Americans Finally Like Hip-Hop And R&B More Than Rock ‘N’ Roll

July 25, 2017

 It might have taken a decade or four, but hip-hop and R&B finally reign supreme in the U.S. 


Together, they now comprise the dominant musical genre in the country, beating out rock for the first time, according to a new mid-year report out of Nielsen, a global information company that tracks ratings around the country.


The reason for hip-hop and R&B overtaking rock is simple: online streaming. When it comes to album sales, rock continues to dominate, claiming 43 percent of physical album sales and 37 percent of digital album sales.


But R&B and hip-hop have come to utterly dominate the online streaming market, where they make up 29 percent of all songs streamed online ― that’s almost the exact same amount as rock and pop combined. 

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