From a Teen Age Mind

July 25, 2017




As a teenage girl, I feel proud and lucky to be who I am. Not every teenage girl is fast, pregnant, sexually active, or drug addicts. Today, most young girls seek attention from flaunting, young teenage boys, and popularity. Mostly from flaunting. They often need to be reminded that it’s okay to look good for yourself and to feel good. I sometimes struggle to not flaunt the new things I get.


It’s okay to brag about some of the nice things you have, just not too much because there are some girls who might not have it made like you do or have someone that can’t afford it for them. You must remember at the end of the day; material things can only take you so far in life.


Another issue I want to discuss is, social media and “instabeefing”.  


This term is basically a slang for arguments that happen on Instagram. This term also means rivalry. Most teenagers think that the negativity must be handled with fist-fighting, when you can easily just not open the message or respond to the comments.


I have been in these situations before. I’ve argued over social media because I felt targeted and I felt like the people I was arguing with was coming for me hard. So, I felt like I had to prove my point and not look like a punk to other people. But doing that made it no better, it only made the situation worst. It was just fire spitting at fire. At the end, I regretted it all because I looked kiddish.


I thought to myself, “why am I letting someone get under my skin this much? That situation could’ve been easily avoided.” That’s when I realized my worth and who I really was. I know that I was better than that. Teenagers need to be reminded that they are worth more than just some argument. That’s where a parent and child relationship falls in line. Not just that, but most teenagers rather get caught up in their ego than just to admit their faults and just apologize or be the bigger person and move on. I had to learn that for myself. The hard way.


I want to hear different teenagers point of views. I want all the rivalry to stop!!! Including school rivalry, neighborhood rivalry and mostly social media rivalry! I would be absolutely pleased if any teens let me hear what they must say!



Amirah Perry is a 9th grade freelance writer and community activist from the Eastside of San Antonio



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