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July 26, 2017



By: Alicia "True" Perry 


Hello Beautiful!! This weekend I had a fabulous night out with the ladies and I am sure many of you can guess what we did. We went to see the highly anticipated movie “Girl’s Trip”! This movie was just what we all needed to see, with a superstar cast, great adventure and LOTS of eye candy!


If you haven’t had a chance to see Girl’s Trip, I strongly recommend you get a few of your girls together and check it out. I will give a few spoilers but not much (disclaimer).  Many Black Women who saw this movie quickly identified with one of the characters (just like we did). After the movie, we all headed over to one of the ladies’ house, wine bottles started popping and it was on!


Nobody wanted to admit it, but I am sure there was a Jada Pinkett in the bunch. She played Lisa, the overly protective and recently divorced mother of two who had been sexually deprived for over two years. She’s that friend that we all have who acts like a mother and will kill any vibe after pulling out pics of the kids in the club. She’s also so horny, she just may lick a wall or some random person after having one too many!
Then there was Sasha, played by Queen Latifah. This friend is the “gossiper” She’s the one who always got her own drama going on so you can never be sure if she would spill your tea if she could benefit in anyway. She’s also the friend who says, “I can talk about you but, if somebody else does I am dropping them where they stand.! “Again, nobody claimed to be like her either… (umhum).


Next you have Ryan, played by the beautiful Regina Hall. Ryan is that friend that has all of life figured out. She has the big house, nice car, perfect marriage with a FINE MAN. She has a dream job and I swear that heffa could wear at T-shirt with no bra and them things can high-five the heavens with no effort! Her hair is always perfect, her smile is infectious and she just always knows the right words to say all the time. TRICK!! (Nah… I am just kidding)

I spoke with 4 other Women that night and found that MANY Women on social media identified with this character the most, although strong her vulnerable not-so-perfect side connected her to many of us.

And lastly be defiantly not least, you have newcomer to the big screen, Tiffany Haddish who played the extra wild, loud, and crazy as hell Dina! Why did most of the women I talk to say they identify with Dina? That’s scary!!! This is the friend who WILL NOT hold her tongue under ANY CURCIMSTANCE! She will cuss you and everybody and their mama’s out! She will cut you and front you in public! She has lost her sex partner count many moons ago BUT gets more play than anybody else in the clique! She’s undeniably loyal and will would take a bullet for you in the same breath if she considers you a “REAL FRIEND”. I think most of us have a little Dina in us but shhh! don’t tell nobody! (LOL)
Seriously, this movie has restored hope amongst black women everywhere and spoke to us about the meaning of true friendship, the only thing I would have liked to see was STRONG, POWERFUL relationships between our black women and men.

That’s all for my soapbox, but I encourage you to check out the box office numbers. $30 million made in the first weekend, and number 2 on the charts! That’s impressive by many standards and comes at a very needed time as reality shows have begun to program and celebrate chatty, messy and senseless drama amongst black women. 

I would like to initiate a challenge, send in your beautiful pictures of you and your girls. There is power in imagery, we CAN change how the world sees us. Let’s start a NEW TREND and promote Black Girl Magic! I will be sure to post every picture I receive! 




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