REAL Friends NEVER Die!

August 2, 2017


REAL Friends NEVER Die!


Remember back in the day when you got into a fight with someone and then turn around and become THE BEST of friends with them? Some people STILL are best friends today! I miss friendships like that…the ones you least expect. Hell, I miss REAL friendships period! We all need at least one good friend. It doesn’t matter what color they may be, how old, or how young…when you have a good friend, Life is a lot more enjoyable.


What is a “Good Friend”? What does that look like? Friendships have many levels, but I feel ALL friendships start with a fundamental ingredient: TRUST.


Do you consider yourself a good friend? Do you believe the people around you are good friends? Do you believe they feel the same way about you? Friendships have their ups and downs and over time some people you may have considered friends become “frenemies” …. you know, friends you still have love for but, you can’t stand to be in the same room with them for too long! lol 




TRUE Friendships will be tested. With money, relationships, religion, family, etc. It’s during these trying times that many of us discover who We ARE. Our friends may be in trouble, and we rush to go help them. They get into trouble again, we go help again...again…and again. If we aren’t careful, helping friends who don’t help themselves will turn the relationship toxic. On the other hand, when you have a “good friend” who you’ve helped and they turn it around and get back on track, it makes being a in friendship worth it. Especially, when they return the Love back to you!




One of my dear best friends was murdered back in September 2002. His name was Dino, and to me and a LOT of people, he was THE GREATEST friend you could ever have. He was always down for you no matter what, riding the VIA bus across town to see girls, going to the mall, and hanging out at each other’s houses cutting (playing the dozens) on each other and laughing all day. He taught me and my other childhood best friend, Madd Mike (Dino’s cousin) how to dress and he taught us the meaning of Friendship. Me and Madd Mike hung out all summer of 92, shopping at the flea market, and making money. We used to steal his mom’s car and go riding around kickin it and hanging with girls. Sometimes when we get together, we talk about Dino. It’s still hard after all these years…. Madd wrote a book a while back. I’m proud of him. He’s still my homie today.




My other best friend, Suprena and I are still friends after almost 30 years! Our times spent together as teenagers walking through the Second Baptist apartments, laughing about EVERYTHING!!! I remember a time when she and I were approached by a little girl named Mo-Mo, who was no more than 7 years old stopped in front of our path and said, “Yall look like yall DOIN SUMTHIN!!!” I know we’ve been laughing about that moment for almost 30 years! LOL I’m proud of Prena…she’s a great Mother to her 4 daughters and she still can make you laugh at the drop of a dime. I love my best friend.




We are Free to Love because God didn’t make Our Hearts out of money…There’s no price for doing a good deed. There’s no charge to Love someone for who they are…and it’s of no cost to Us to motivate them to what they CAN BE. TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED!!! Our Power is in Our Love for Ourselves and others. Not this new shit on social media…but the REAL LOVE! Natural and organic…meeting people where they are, and then growing a relationship into something life-long and beautiful. Take time to call your friend and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. It’s a cold world…it’s GREAT to have friends to keep you warm! 






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