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August 2, 2017






Hello Beautiful!! I wrote a FB post a few weeks ago and got an interesting dialogue started. Hopefully I can engage with you ladies on this topic here too! The post read:


Trial and error teaches us many things and I for one must admit I was praying wrong for a long time. I used to pray to God for things out of desperation and with little faith, treating him like a Genie or lottery ticket. When those prayers got answered (as they do) I realized that I had miss a LOT and missed several steps along the way. The things I prayed for came but there wasn't a completeness, I got the money I asked for without praying for wisdom and discipline so I would lose it faster than I got it. I prayed for a man but didn't pray for patience and understanding so an argument would usually end that relationship. I prayed for unity in my family but didn't ask God to remove malice and unresolved issues I carried in my heart so that didn't last long either. Separation, anger, confusion, pride, judgement and the list goes on, are the things that keep us disconnected from our prayers and we end up chasing wishes. We must get out of our own ways.... literally! I now pray with confidence and belief like never and when the hard times come (as they will). I am so appreciative for growth and embrace what I have asked for knowing MY GOD WILL PROVIDE ACCORDING TO "HIS" WILL! (end post)


I’ve been broken, spinning my wheels and even lashed out at people with a dramatic reaction to something “not so serious”. I’ve also heard of so many (women particularly) talk about brokenness and stress over everything! But are we really broken? Is all we stress over worth it?


As a mother of 8 children I deal with a range of personalities. I diffuse arguments by giving them all simple thoughts to ponder. Think about your “REAL” feelings/emotion before you approach a problem. Are you disappointed but acting more like you are angry? Are you feeling left out of something and feeling unappreciated but acting out of hurt and vengeance?


It does not work all the time, let me tell you, but it does slow things down a bit. I ask this to them because I used these same questions to REALLY look at myself and consider why things weren’t falling in line the way I’d hoped. Oh, but when people work on our nerves it throws all reasonable answers out of the window. We are blinded by our pain and want people to feel the way we do, especially when they have done us wrong right? Right!!! But I don’t think it’s ALWAYS right.


I had a very strained relationship with my

mother for many years and felt justified

 because of all the things “I FELT” she’d done to wrong me, without completely considering her plight. We were a family divided because we didn’t communicate to each other about our feelings. When I got married one of my husband’s concerns was the fragile relationship between my mother and I and he encouraged me to work through it. He said “until you make that relationship right you will struggle in all of your relationships, and he was absolutely right!  


Family deserves the benefit of the doubt IF THEY OWN UP TO THEIR WRONG AND WORK TOWARDS MAKING THINGS RIGHT!! I emphasis the previous sentence because simply put, everybody is not ready to grow up…. But those that are…. Listen if nothing more. I did and things changed drastically. My stress was misguided and I felt broken because I didn’t let go of the past and embrace the future.  


My mother took ill last November and we weren’t sure if she would pull through. When I got to the hospital and saw her condition all I could think about was how stupid and immature I was being to let years pass without trying to strengthen the bond with her. I was there every day and cried and prayed harder than ever that she’d get her strength back just so we could have a real mother and daughter outing one day. I am glad to report that today she’s doing much better and I am still looking forward to taking her out on a cruise or something fabulous like that real soon! I’ve witnessed some amazing examples of strong family bonds and strive to strengthen our family daily.  


Life isn’t guaranteed and time is not promised that’s, for certain. So how can we work to change our circumstances for the better even when they don’t apologize? We pray and we see people hurting around us, we pray some more, we not only do we pray, we believe and began to give thanks for the change and the vison. The vison that comes to life after the change. What is it going to hurt? WE have been divided for far too long, let’s build our legacy’s back first by empowering our bloodlines! We all depend on it! I am working hard on it every day… first mamma, then my sister, next that cousin that I never seemed to get along with! I am claiming and so should you!








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