August 9, 2017

Council William Shaw and Councilman Robert Trevino: Courageous Men


There will be a rally this week at Travis Park in downtown San Antonio to demand that the confederate statue at Travis Park be relocated. Contrary to false reports, there is no attempt to destroy it as some of the pro-confederates insinuate in a rally of their own to supposedly “save” the statue. The Confederate Statue at Travis Park in San Antonio, Texas represents, in the form of a monument, a time when former slave owners and supporters of Jim Crow ruled the political environment. This symbol of bigotry was erected as a pretense to cover up the inhuman system of slavery, and part of the so-called "Redeemer Movement" of the "Lost Cause." This movement sought to reinvent history and erase the main reasons for the Civil War, which was the protection of the institution of slavery, enforcement of white supremacy through Jim Crow law, and to promote racism. The presence of this statue, in a public place, erases the real reasons for the Civil War and does not represent the multi-cultural diversity of San Antonio. Many local residents and the citizens of San Antonio and Bexar County are demanding that such a hateful reminder of bigotry be removed to a museum, or other suitable place, where the true history about those that defended slavery can be told. 


The rally to move the statue is scheduled for 1:00 pm, this Saturday, August 12, 2017 at Travis Park which is located in downtown San Antonio., at 311 E. Travis Street, across from the St. Anthony Hotel.  The public is invited to participate in this historic rally to right the wrongs of a racist southern dictatorship. There have been two other protests at the site demanding that the statue which honors soldiers that fought for a slave system be removed. District 2 City Councilman William Shaw and District 1 City Councilman Robert Trevino have courageously led the charge at city hall by sending out a memo for council consideration to relocate the statue to a place where its true history can be told. The Articles of Secession, written in 1862, spelled out the real reasons for rebel traitor’s actions; to preserve white supremacy and slavery. There will be some minorities that support the confederate cause just as there were a few Jews that worked with the Nazis, and a few traitors that betrayed Jesus. We are not surprised when we see a FEW blacks, Mexicans, and Native Americans supporting the racist cause. The majority of blacks opposed the confederacy, over 200,000,and fought for their freedom while a few uncle toms sided with their masters. The same can be said about any war as there are always a few that either from ignorance, or being intimidated,supported some unjust cause. 


In fact, most blacks never even fought for the confederacy for fear that if they were armed they might turn their guns the other way. One can go to a few propaganda websites and see a few blacks dressed in confederate uniforms, but what is not told is that many of these men were forced to take these photographs at gun point or for fear that they or their family would be harmed. So don’t be surprised if you see a few confused and uneducated minorities supporting the statue. The power of the cult of the “Lost Cause” has been strong across decades. This cult, after the Civil War, sought to maintain segregation and oppression against blacks and others by creating a false history about the Civil War which includes the ridiculous claims that it was not about slavery. In fact, much of this propaganda includes a false idea that the rebel flag is about “southern heritage” and not about racism and slavery. The slave system of the South was dependent of cotton production and black slaves were used to pick the cotton while suffering some of the most inhuman treatment since time began. 


 Slaves were hanged or beaten for not picking enough cotton and their family members sold off like cattle. Many of the poor white soldiers that fought for the South were hoodwinked into believing that they might own slaves and get wealthy themselves like the plantation owners. Some poor white refused to fight for Robert E. Lee and deserted the rebel cause and actually fought against the slave owners after realizing they were wasting their lives on the battlefield for the slave owners . Some of these soldiers only realized too late that they were fighting for an evil cause. These symbols of the confederacy were erected across the South to reinvent history, and to save face for loosing. This statue is a reminder of their attempt to enforce segregation after the Civil War. Remove it, so the truth can be told.



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