The New Black Power?

A Letter From The Editor..


It was announced that the month of August is National Black Business Month.   I salute the leaders of the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce, our Black Contractor Association, and the Texas African American Chambers of Commerce.


We chose the cover story to allow you to see the reality for Black people, families and businesses.   There is a tremendous disparity in how Black Businesses have been treated with Bexar County, the City of San Antonio and the State of Texas.    There is a silent war being waged.  As a Black newspaper, we have the obligation to tell the story no matter who likes it or disapproves. 


The facts are real.   As soon as Black people get a dollar, it quickly leaves the Black community… it only takes 6-hours for it to be gone.


Last week I wrote about the “Groundbreaking” San Antonio African American Fund gift to Hispanic led business LiftFund.   The $25,000 gift, Blacks raised, given to LiftFund to manage and grow to support Black owned businesses with loans to cover their business needs makes no sense.   They called it the Dream Fund.  Are you joking?  What is wrong with this picture?  


As a result of my commentary,   I received a mix bag of reviews on Facebook.   Some Black people, like Christian Reed Ogba of BethanyEast PR came to the rescue of LiftFund (as their client, and customer).


In essence as a PR agent, she put us down, called us FAKE NEWS, and lifted up a business that has done very little to lift African American business up overall.    But the fact is we have a very large readership as we span 175,000 people weekly.  Unlike Ogba, many of our business partners see value in the Black newspaper.  If we didn't have consistent supporters this community would not have a FREE newspaper each week to read.   Mrs. Ogba this is what you don't understand.  


Most view our paper as the tabloid called The Inquirer, and that it is because it has ONE fold


I ask you this Mrs. Ogba- what UNTRUTHFUL tabloid contains a community calendar? Via updates, UHS updates, community Eastside events, holds political debates, has political advertisers, the list goes on...?  Not the Inquirer (which most relate a tabloid to as stated above).




              Christian Reed-Ogba


As Christian and her husband were the cover story of the San Antonio Business Journal as a “Power Couple”, I object to the example they have taken to attack Black news, and fail to be members of any Black business organization.  Maybe Power is defined as the want to gain acceptance from others as a way to build up her reputation.   I’m confused, why are so many Black people are so forgetful of the slavery that existed in America and all the negative impacts the Black race endures today.   Knowledge is power.   Please educate yourself and learn about Black Wall Street this month and how hate tried to kill a race.   In 2017, maybe we are  able to launch Bobby Blount's Dream Fund, and think it is ok to give Black dollars to non-Black businesses to manage.   Maybe this is the new model to gain friends and be better accepted????  This is the new Black Power.


LiftFund has requested a meeting with the SA Observer as a result of our article. After questioning them, they denied hiring a Black PR company – BethanyEast PR & Management Consulting – to attack a Black newspaper, the SA Observer.   My goal is to show you that the Black community must deal with the disrespect, low wages, lack of business support from the mainstream and start to do what Blacks did during Jim Crow era, which was to be in business and support each other.   If not, who else is going to support the needs of the Black community? 


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