Keepin' it 100!

August 18, 2017


Today I am writing on the definition for 100.   100 is keeping it 100 percent real.   Last week I wrote about the Groundbreaking announcement that the San Antonio Area Foundation - the African American Community Fund gave $25,000 to Lift Fund to help Black Businesses.  We cited the average lending to African American businesses was paltry at best and din't know why Lift Fund was the best choice to receive money from African Americans.   


After we published our story, our newspaper was attacked by a Black PR company, BethanyEast PR - owned by Christian Reed-Ogba.   She decided or may have been hired to attack the Black Press on Facebook.   With one post, which I say was irresponsible, she became the voice of the African-American community to call our company on social media "Fake News".  I replied through my newspaper's long history, since 1936, we have provided the news and newsworthy information to the predominantly African American community.  Yes I also stated that we have a reach of up to 175,000 people.   Another gentleman colluded to say that couldn't be true and gave online analytics NEVER taking into account that our newspaper paper stands are combined with our online reach.   We are an audited newspaper.   But again, because we reported the truth, we were attacked as we didn't even know who Ogba was UNTIL we saw her negative post.     


Reminder of Ogba's Initial Post (P.S. Advertising? The CEO of Liftfund will confirm that is incorrect) :  


The above FB Comment was our first introduction to Mrs. Ogba



The following week Mrs. Ogba went on a social media rant, describing herself on her public Instagram as being a victim.   While I don't take offense to her rant, I can't believe one of Lift Fund's PR agents and customers would be digging herself in a deeper hole with "but bish I stay ready, I'm ratchet and ghetto."  



Mrs. Ogba posted the above Instagram post which shows more of her true self. Hopefully the SA Business Journal doesn't take the 'crown' back.  



Sad to say, on Friday, Mrs. Ogba delivered a package to a family member's home address, really trespassing on our property, to leave a self promoting San Antonio Business Journal with her and her husband on the cover (the Power Couple), and a card telling me to get my facts right.   


I understand.   But listen, you initiated the mess because you were trying to defend a company, Lift Fund, that you personally believe in and got some coin.   Judas sold Jesus out for some coin.   If you were truly justified, you have never offered any good information to describe Lift Fund as truly being supportive of the Black business community.   The evidence is not there as of this report.  


We keep it 100!   You threw the first stone.  You are acting like Omarosa Manigault and are selling your Black community out for your self gain.  As your Instagram supported "Invest in People, Who Invest In You".  This is why you came to Lift Fund's defense.   You cried to your small social media group looking for sympathy and got some.  I'm still waiting for your 'newspaper' to publish your rebuttal.  Sad, you still have not been able to do the one thing that you sell.   When are you going to do the PR for your company and yourself?  


If you can't help yourself, how can you help others?  


#GoodPeopleSA #JustSaying #NewOmarosa




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