SAPD Gary Tuli Justified? 


Justified? Every time we have an issue that brings Police Chief McManus to the podium where he is speaking directly to the Eastside he explains how he needs our help.  Our help to police our own, our help in doing the right thing and ensuring we report what we see.  You know, the normal Dad speech when you get in trouble.  Yes, we agree with a lot of his pleas for help from the community as in with Little Earl where everyone jumped in to say enough is enough and we jumped in and sounded off on this child's life that was horrendously taken.


The Plea for Help

But does the plea for help go both ways?  14 yr old girl was struck by an officer while other officers then jumped in to 'restrain' the 14 YEAR OLD GIRL.  But again- SAPD explained yesterday that the officer was JUSTIFIED.

There will NEVER be a time where you strike a 14 YR OLD GIRL and attack her with multiple officers claiming they were trying to 'restrain' her and have any type of relationship with the community you need the most help from.


We Need a Trained Police Force

When will we have a police force who is trained and knowledgeable enough on HOW to properly restrain a 14 year old girl? How to properly connect with a community?  Surely the way it was done is not taught at the academy, or is it?

Prayers for this CHILD and her family.


#nojustice #firetuli #policebrutality #blm



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