August 23, 2017


Trump's Ambivalence Hurt The Nation


The last week has been terrible for this country.

And the sad reality is that President Trump 

has not only failed to make those days better, he has intentionally made them worse.


Americans look to the president to rise to the occasion in moments of national crisis. We look to the moral authority of the office to summon our better angels, to calm the storm, to offer hope.


Mr. Trump’s inadequate statement on Saturday, his puzzling 48-hour delay before his flatly read statement Monday, and his unhinged press conference Tuesday combine to paint a very ugly picture. This country was already deeply divided after a close national election. It is now deeply divided over racial issues.


Condemning white supremacists, Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan is not a close call. On this question, Mr. Trump air-balled a layup — twice.


The damage from his undisciplined and petulant Tuesday press conference is immense. It proves that his excellent statement from Monday was a hostage video and did not represent his true views, a deeply dispirited and troubling development.


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