FCC Report Card Update

August 23, 2017


The FCC is made up of all the minority Chambers of Commerce that are very in touch with the minority businesses.  The union of these Chambers is historic and amplifies the disparity that the minority business community is underserved.  

The Fair Contracting Coalition's Report Card's (FCC) update that shows new relationships between minority businesses and the public agencies identified by the FCC and finally given an initial grade.  With huge successes led by T. C. Calvert Sr., amongst too many others to name, the Report Card initially listed the public agencies you see here with a grade.  That grade, comprised of many different factors determined the agency's current state of working with minority local businesses.  To further the conversation the following agencies have shown no intentions to even meet with the FCC to hear where they could do better in this very diverse city-


Bexar County - F

Northside ISD - F

Northeast ISD - F


We have not seen the aforementioned agencies come to the table to have the conversation.  A Conversation that you would believe, in this country's state, these agencies would welcome and not ignore as if the FCC does not exist.  It is a community let down, another blow, and another 'no thanks' to our community to not accept an invitation to speak.


The burning question here is, is Bexar County not supposed to lead by example?  This is a blatant 'response' from Bexar County to not respond which sends the  message to the FCC and the community, they do not care nor do they think it is of importance.  


We hope to have more uplifting updates, as we are looking to our county leadership to have a conversation, if the community is interested and wants a relationship with Bexar County and African-American Businesses it is obvious that Bexar County does not want to have the conversation with Blacks as so many other meetings are happening over ensuring you spend the budget & before the end of the Fiscal Year on pens, paper etc., to make sure you get the funding again next year.


Do Better Bexar County.  Do Better Northside ISD.  Do Better Northeast ISD.  


Together is when we all rise.



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