August 23, 2017

Citizens and Officials Face Racist Threats and Emails: Petition to Remove Confederate Statue at Travis Park


Confederate racist idol statue worshipers have continued their campaign of intimidation, but to no avail as tens of thousands of Americans across the country are demanding that their racist monuments be removed. Some of these monuments were erected after the Civil War to intimidate blacks, while others were erected to oppose the Civil Rights Movement and its leaders. Well, the old South will never rise again, but a new South is beginning to emerge that defies these bigots and demands that the truth be told about the Civil War. The Civil War was about slavery and white supremacy and any other explanation is simply hogwash.  Several San Antonio council members have received racist emails or letters using the “N”word and a racist term for Hispanics. At a recent city council meeting these buffoons showed up with weapons as if anybody was going to be cowed by them! 


One person who attended the rally at Travis Park, on the side of the park were the racists were gathered, was Professor Jeffery Addicott, a professor at St. Mary’s University, who, according to the Express News made statements that were of a violent nature. This Professor’s (Mr. Jeffery Addicott), name surfaced a few years back as being a member of the John Wilkes Booth Chapter of the Son of Confederate Veterans. A group named after a murderer of a president! He was at the rally in Travis Park, standing with all sorts of racists and fascist-minded people, and has made violent statements so far. This is HATE Speech! His argument that the Civil War was not about slavery is one of the most ignorant and ludicrous statements I have heard coming from a man that supposedly has a higher education. SHAME on you Addicott for siding with the racists and disgracing the name of St. Mary’s University! 


Online posts have been to the point. One man said, “As a dual alumnus that loves the University and my fellow alumni, this is just not okay. Professor Addicott's actions constitute a breach of trust and duty, and absolutely cannot be tolerated. His actions are repetitive, indefensible and he should be dealt with accordingly.”Now, there is some speculation that blacks and abolitionists were hanged in Travis Park when it was open land and owned by the West family and others associated with a racist group known as the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC). This might in part explain why these racists erected the statue in the first place at that location.


The people are fighting back and calling for the council to remove the Confederate statue at Travis Park. There is a massive petition campaign in affect at churches and online which has now collected almost 19,000 signatures at press time. These petitions will go to City Council as proof that thousands know what that statue really stands for. The petition reads as follows: “The Confederate Statue at Travis Park in San Antonio, Texas represents, in the form of a monument, a time when former slave owners and supporters of Jim Crow ruled the political environment. This symbol of bigotry was erected as a pretense to cover-up the inhuman system of slavery, and part of the so-called RedeemerMovement of the Lost Cause. This movement sought to reinvent history and erase the main reasons for the Civil War, which was the protection of the institution of slavery, enforcement of white supremacy through Jim Crow law, and to promote racism through the years. The presence of this statue, in a public place, erases the real reasons for the Civil War and does not represent the multi-cultural diversity of San Antonio. WE, the citizens of San Antonio, Bexar County, and concerned individuals are demanding that such a hateful reminder of bigotry be removed to a museum, or other suitable place, where the true history about those that defended slavery can be told. We respectfully submit this to the San Antonio City Council.” Petitions can be signed online by simply typing in “Relocate Confederate Statue at Travis Park to a Museum” on a Google search.


Meanwhile universities, cities, and other governmental bodies are removing statues and thousands are protesting for removal of these racist symbols. Racist terror and violence will not win. The South fought a war for slavery and tried to destroy the United States of America. These confederates were no heroes but traitors and terrorists. They are being supported by white supremacist terrorists today and a crooked pro-racist president named Trump. Donald Trump will eventually join the ranks of the one of the most racist presidents of all time. Please go online and sign the petition as it heads toward a record number. We should support Councilman William Shaw and the now more than 3 other council members that support removal of this racist symbol in OUR city park.


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