White, Black & SAPD

August 23, 2017


Each day I wake up with a new horizon on my mind, I believe in some sense we all do.  A new day a new opportunity, a new everything.  Thank you God for another day.  Another day of breath and health.  


Each week I say to myself, I am going to write my note for the paper on Monday and really get ahead of things and be organized and ready to face the day.  But, 1 thing happened today, the 22nd of August.  


As normal, I open my eyes and I reach for my phone that is on my bedside table.  I see who may have called, look at my calendar again, look at any texts, emails and then I check on FB.  I am still warm and comfy and take a sigh of relief with no 'bad' notifications on my phone and say this is going to be a great day.  Then.. I click on FB.  


I check on our business page see if I need to answer anything over there and then do a nice scroll through my feed, I did not have to scroll much to see SATX4 posted the 'JUSTIFIED' punching of the 14 yr old girl who was attacked by grown POLICEMEN instead of protecting they were fighting her, literally.


My heart dropped.  Is this true? No... it can't be.  SAPD and the Officer's 'Supervisor' said JUSTIFIED?  I put my phone down and just pretend it was a bad dream, but I can't I have to get up and get to this computer as my heart breaks for this child, her family and this CITY as this city is truly showing it's true colors.  


My God, I'm astounded at this.  I grew up white, everything white.  I got out because growing up white has so many advantages that I did not want because I knew at age 12 that my advantage was only because they took it from someone else and those someone else's were black and that was not right.  For some reason, no matter how I was raised, at 12 I knew I didn't belong.  You wouldn't see me in another family photo from the age 12 on, I had to get out of this 'white thinking'.


I went to the Army where everyone is different and I felt liberated to be out of the town that is hiding KKK members in the woods.  I have been back 2 times.  I will never return.  


When I watch my daughter get in her car each and everyday, I don't just kiss her like my family used to and say "See ya later!", I speak to her like its the last chance I have.  "I love you, look at me.... you be careful and remember what we've told you.  Please be safe and call me every hour, remember- your black". 


That is the new norm.



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