Despite the Lies: Robert E. Lee Was a Real Brutal Racist

August 30, 2017

Lee was a brutal racist slave owner. The Northeast School Board must remove the name of Robert E. Lee from its high school. General Lee was a brutal ignorant man that was a traitor to the United States of America. He lead a rebellion that the wealthy slave owners started in order to maintain one of the most brutal systems of slavery the world has ever known, not ancient slavery, which was not based on skin color, but slavery based on the color of a person’s skin. In an effort to save the statue at Travis Park, and the


name of Lee, some the most ridiculous comments were made by the Texas Freedom Force at city hall. This group is the one making threatening leaflets, racist Internet posts, and its members are sending threatening pictures on Facebook to women. They even destroyed their own cause by posting gun-toting thugs in front of city hall at one citizen to be heard sessions. Citizens, now over 20,000, are speaking out and saying that they are not trying destroy the racist statue in Travis Park, but only remove to a place where the true white supremacists’ ideology of the confederacy can be told. 



There are a slew of lies out there used to maintain the idea that the Civil War, as fought by the slave owners, was some sort of “glorious” effort to stop an invasion by the North. WRONG! The Civil War was about slavery and the protection of white supremacy. These are not my words but the words of confederate leaders in their Texas Articles of Secession. T thousands of whites were forced to fight for the Confederacy because they owned no slaves. The rich plantation owners forced poor whites to fight their dirty war of slavery by passing the “Twenty Negro Law.” 



This law said in part, “The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact . . . to secure the proper police of the country, one person, either as agent, owner or overseer on each plantation on which one white person is required to be kept by the laws or ordinances of any State, and on which there is no white male adult not liable to do military service, and in States having no such law, one person as agent, owner or overseer, on each plantation of twenty negroes, and on which there is no white male adult not liable to military service; . . . For additional police for every twenty negroes on two or more plantations, within five miles of each other, and each having less than twenty negroes, and of which there is no white male adult not liable to military duty, one person, being the oldest of the owners or overseers on such plantations;… are hereby exempted from military service [my emphasis] in the armies of the Confederate States.” (Source: Public Laws of the Confederate States of America, Passed at the Second Session of the First Congress (Richmond: R. M. Smith, 1862), pp. 77-79.) This quote from the racist governments of the South blows a hole in the statue at Travis Park as far as their soldiers being called “heroes,” and a hole in the argument that Lee was some sort of honorable man. 



Now we get to the high school named after the despicable Robert E. Lee. According to Dallas researcher Edward Sebesta, "The Robert E. Lee so elaborately honored . . . was a harsh slave master. Wesley Norris, who suffered the misfortune of being owned by Lee, recounted that he endured a beating after he attempted to escape in 1859. When Norris was captured, Lee said he would teach Norris "a lesson he would never forget." Norris offered the following account of what happened next: "He then ordered us to the barn, where, in his presence, we were tied firmly to posts by a Mr. Gwin, our overseer, who was ordered by Gen. Lee to strip us to the waist and give us fifty lashes each, excepting my sister, who received but twenty; we were accordingly stripped to the skin by the overseer, who, however, had sufficient humanity to decline whipping us; accordingly Dick Williams, a county constable, was called in, who gave us the number of lashes ordered; Gen. Lee, in the meantime, stood by, and frequently enjoined Williams to lay it on well, an injunction which he did not fail to heed; not satisfied with simply lacerating our naked flesh, Gen. Lee then ordered the overseer to thoroughly wash our backs with brine, which was done."



According to Sebesta, "These monuments have stood mostly unchallenged for decades because the American history textbooks used in public schools are in themselves largely, metaphorically, Confederate monuments, which obscure, if not erase history, diminish the value of African American lives, and train generations of Americans to not comprehend the horrors of human bondage as practiced in the United States." 



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