Dr. Mateen Diop- "Pride of the Eastside"

August 30, 2017

                          Dr. Mateen Diop



What an honor to begin my tenure as principal of the "Pride of the Eastside," THE Sam Houston High School. As a product of SAISD, and served as a leader in our feeder schools, it is a privilege to lead this group of educators and students in the 2017-2018 school year.  


We are all excited to welcome our students back to school with a zeal and passion for learning.  It is our mission to ensure every child feels welcomed, connected and prepared for the learning community at Sam Houston High School. Additionally, we will challenge each student to grow in their academic capabilities and to be prepared for college and career-readiness upon high school graduation. At "Sam," our teachers spend countless hours studying best practices for learning and preparing thoughtful, rigorous lessons each day.


Our teachers analyze data, assess students and adjust their strategies accordingly, to ensure each student learner has as much individual attention as needed and also differentiate instruction, honing in on student's natural abilities and curiosity for learning. We believe our primary purpose is to improve lives through a quality education. We are driven by an unrelenting determination to graduate all of our students and prepare them for success in higher education, career readiness, and effective citizenship. 


Again, I am honored to serve as the Principal of Sam Houston HS.  It is truly a pleasure to be part of such a rich heritage of academic, athletic and civic success.


Please feel free to contact me at (210) 978.7900 or email me at mdiop@saisd.net.


Also, follow me on Twitter @drmateen and follow us on Twitter @SAISDHoustonHS.




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