Hurricane Harvey, NEISD, and City Council

August 30, 2017


Our neighbors are in the midst of complete upheaval in Houston, Rockport and the many other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are seeing the images and live reports of people helping people. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do for a living, what color you are, where you live etc., you're being helped - and mostly by neighbors and citizens who really care. As San Antonio continues to help in anyway (as we are with donations, shelter, and more) we are praying hard along the way for God to comfort and provide strength for all involved. 

There are so many ways to help the hurricane victims.  Please see throughout these pages where you can donate blood and anything else you may find that you can donate. If you have donations and are not able to transport them please give us a call at the newsroom at 210.212.NEWS for assistance.


We wrote our cover story last week which talked about the renaming and the removal of Robert E. Lee High School. We also posted the video of Sandi Wolff's 2015 explanation of why she voted to keep the name in December of 2015. Since that time, America has gone through warped speed as so many things have changed.  We also pray that "no" votes be changed to "yes"votes.  Check out our website at for the complete story of the NEISD Board vote as well as on Thursday of this week to see the story on the City Council's vote to remove the Travis Park Statue.This is an exciting time for our city.  What will both outcomes be?

Hopefully the consensus is we need to enable the Confederate history to be placed in more appropriate places like museums that can enable all of us to learn about American history.   Everyone has different opinions.  Voice your opinions to the elected school board members or your elected city officials.  They do count calls, and emails and your opinion greatly matters. 


Vote responsibly NEISD and City Counsel as we must lead by good example. One Councilman- Councilman Brockhouse put out a statement explaining that this vote should be a process and that our Mayor is rushing things- no sir.   Political climates change so fast now with our President and other factors that unless more lives are to be lost like Heather Heyers, then we say heck no to a red tape year and long drag out of issues that have been discussed for years.


Thank you to our D2 Councilman Shaw, our neighboring District 1 Councilman Trevino and Mayor Nirenberg for making this a high priority as it should be. Vote "yes" and continue to make this a City For All!


#cityforall #neisd #hurricaneharvey

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