September 6, 2017


The perceived gas shortage that has taken over San Antonio is nothing more than public panic. Hurricane Harvey was a disaster of epic proportions. It caused immense damage and loss of life. It has also caused this false perception that there is a gas shortage. These false fears have caused consumers to literally flock to the pumps. This in turn has not only CAUSED the shortage but is also driving gas prices up. We spoke to a manager at the HEB at 1015 S. WW White Rd, he informed us that it's the public causing the shortage nothing more. He stated that they recently got their normal shipment of 9000 gallons of unleaded and in a matter of hours it was gone. That same amount lasts that location 4 days under normal conditions. "We're getting our regular fuel deliveries but the rush to the pumps is wiping us out. If people would just stick to their normal gas intake things would be fine".  


It's been recently reported that there are up to 1 MILLION vehicles destroyed in the Houston area alone. That's not taking into account vehicles destroyed in Corpus, Port Aransas, Rockport, Beaumont, and other ravaged cities. Let's put it in perspective: That's over 1 MILLION less vehicles on the roads and more importantly, 1 MILLION less tanks of gas. How could there be a shortage. 


We urge everyone in the San Antonio area to resume NORMAL gas usage as we repeat, there is no shortage it is self inflicted.



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