Statue, Harvey and D2

September 6, 2017

So many people to recognize during these last strong months of fighting to take down the Travis Park Statue.  I know I will miss some but there are those I can't help but not forget as I was always seeing them, hearing from them, or supporting them.  Whatever or wherever I was I was doing one of the aforementioned although there are some serious thanks to go out especially to the man who is gracing our cover Former Councilman Mario Salas, County Commissioner Tommy Calvert Jr., D2 Councilman Shaw, D1 Councilman Trevino, SATX4 (shout out!!). SATX4 really rallied us altogether while the i's were being dotted and the t's were being crossed by our leaders our other leaders - SATX4 made sure we all knew where to be and when never missing a beat.  Yes we have fought the good fight and our wishes have been met, as they should be with great reason.  Those who were absent, city/district leaders remember that next election because the voters will.

I stopped by our D2 Councilman Shaw's field office this last Friday and saw Jarvis and Ramone waiting to help- literally.  Councilman Shaw and staff have been collecting donations all week for Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.  So many from the community came out thank you all and thank you to the D2 staff for being there to get it to where it needs to be!



D2 Staff Jarvis and Ramone still were collecting donations late Friday after already loading up prior trucks.


Well done D2 when we come together we accomplish tons!


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