September 13, 2017



The 19th Annual Rangel Shoe Offering offers a whole lot more than just shoes!


 I started attending Mr. Adam Rangel's Back To School Shoe Offering just last year so this was my second time around. After 19 years I would say this is more than a back to school event it is about a lot more than shoes. See this isn't just about a bunch of nice shiny colors this is about getting somewhere (literally)- that is the emotion felt each year from Mr. Adam Rangel's Back to School Shoe Offering that is put on without a hitch with his 3 sons. Those 3 reasons- are just as humble and special individually as they dive into this event each and every year. The love Mr. Rangel's sons, grandchildren, and family have for this event puts a long horizon on this event happening for generations and generations of the Rangel family to come.




For those who are just recently joining us, let me introduce you to the man with a huge soul, Mr. Adam Rangel. For the past 19 years Mr. Rangel's Back To School event has not skipped a beat, Harvey (hurricane harvey) may have reset the date this year but that didn't reset the meaning and mission of giving to the kids. When you walk into the presence of Mr. Adam Rangel you are accepted- whether he knows you or not. Once your about 5 feet from him and he sees you he is greeting you with a warm smile where everything in his personal space is safe, cared for and up lifted. I have never seen anyone hug a child that is not their own as Mr. Adam Rangel does. I have never seen anyone embrace complete strangers from babies to adults and in a minute you are etched in this man's mind. That is the Mr. Adam Rangel- his work, his heart, his passion, his family values, and his faith are bigger than any words I could ever conjure up. His sons- just the same.


With about 200 kids (parents in tow) tables lined the community hall at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church on Nevada Street. With the Sidney Lanier 70's Alumni & St. Trinity Senior Center offering their hands for service by cooking they whipped up about 400 hotdogs, 400 bags of chips and the same goes for drinks as there was something for everyone who walked in those doors, with the most special gift being the gift of the 19th Annual Back To School Rangel Shoe Offering.



Mr. Rangel grew up with shoes sometimes too big, sometimes too small. Wearing hand me downs from older siblings and just making the shoes work the best way he could. We all know about hand me downs! I think I still do it (ha). Although Mr. Rangel's story of hand me downs is a lot different then most of ours. See Mr. Rangel took that feeling (no matter what he felt as a child) and brought it with him all these years later. He remembered his childhood when it came to shoes, although his family did the best the could (as most of us do) he wanted the children of our community to at least have a new pair of back to school shoes. I think in this generation of children we definitely know how important it is to them (the cool:). Although parents, I would keep this article in a plastic protector to show your child years from now when they have their own children and see the actual meaning of this shoe offering.



Retired Judge Tim Johnson began the annual Shoe Offering with a prayer, praying for the souls of our children and that may the soles of the shoes they are about receive guide their footsteps. With Mr. Adam Rangel and his three sons, altogether, they continue for the 19th year to guide the souls of our community's children by offering new soles for their feet. Retired Judge Johnson continues in prayer, praying that, "It is a great thing to give out soles where they save souls".







 I stopped to ask one child who looked very confused about what shoes to select as his pair what was going into this very difficult decision process (I mean there were over 200 pairs of colors screaming PICK ME so I thought I understood this little man's dilemma. His name was Jaden, Jaden looked up at me after I asked what shoes he was really leaning towards choosing and he said shyly, "My Grandma bought me shoes but my friend doesn't have any and his favorite color is green". My Lord, was this (MAYBE 5 yr old) santa's secret shopper? My heart just melted, this gentleman (about 5 years young) came to this event that he himself was to get a new pair of shoes yet look at our hearts. His heart was thinking about his friend who didn't have someone to buy him shoes and a 5 year old pulled it off for him? We are doing a lot right on the Eastside and this shows through our steadfast and passionate leadership starting with the man at the head of the table- Mr. Rangel who has a family with a heart of pure gold.



As you look through all the pictures of this 19th annual event please note all the Judges who came out and do each year, to support and serve our community's children by taking them shopping in this wonderful hall full of new shoes, help them with their sizes and finally have them sit down so the Judge may fit the child and ensure they are all set (they even do the 'stand up let me feel your toe' test) it's the best.


To all the Judges and those running for office who were present, whether helping setup, cleanup, cook, serve, or fit children for shoes we appreciate you-

Mr. Rangel has true friends in all of you for your selfless service to this city.                                                                    




 Thank you to all who helped out and those we may have missed:


-Judge Crystal Chandler- Bexar County Court at Law #13

-Judge John A. Longoria- Bexar County Court at Law #5

-Judge Susan Elizabeth Skinner- Bexar County Court at Law #14

-Judge Celeste Brown- Bexar County Court at Law #8

-Judge Lorina Rummel- 144th Judicial District Court

-Judge Tommy Stolhandske- Bexar County Court at Law #11

-Running for Judge at the 368th District Court: Carlos Quezada

-Running for Bexar County Clerk- Lucy Adame-Clark


Thank you to Mr. Adam Rangel and his sons for bringing us this gift of the Back to School Shoe Offering event. It is one for the books each year and it only means more and more as the years go on. Now let's look at what these children picked out for their back to school shoes, if we don't see inside the box they are holding just look at the smile on their face, that should give us a little idea of what that shoe means, not what it looks like.



Until the 20th annual Back To School Shoe Offering, may the soles bless your souls!




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