September 20, 2017

HOLD (E) Everything.


Texas and American history is so filled with myth and outright lies that any attempt to

uncover the historical truth will almost always evoke rabid denials by those that have been brainwashed with the usual manufactured fabrications. I have developed a short acronym that explains what we have been subjected to for years in terms of the telling of history. The letters in H.O.L.D. with an E at the end explains it all. It stands for Half-Truths, Omissions, Lies, Distortions, and the E stands for Erasures. The Battle of the Alamo and the struggle of the slave-owner Texans have been told using the HOLD everything formula in most textbooks even today.


Half-Truths include the story concerning the movement to control Mexican lands by white settlers, which has all been misreported by historians that were either baffled, inadequate in research skills, or in the nastiest case purveyors of racist fabrication. Texas slave owners were fighting for freedom, but the question is freedom to do what? The other half of the truth that is not told is that Mexico abolished slavery in 1829 and Texas settlers went wild when hearing that Mexico was no longer going to allow settlers and slaves to come into Mexico (Texas).


The omissions part involves facts that are omitted in that Alamo story that includes the

fabrication that all of the Alamo defenders fought a courageous “last stand.” We now know that the majority of these men did not die defending the Alamo walls to the last man is some sort of heroic fashion, but in fact many died running from the walls. By the way, Santa Anna may not have been the awful “bad guy” in this war as he freed slaves everywhere he went!  We are constantly bombarded with falsehoods that include the outright lie that the Civil War was not about slavery, or the Civil War was about some “States’ Rights” issue. This is a total distortion. The central reason for the Civil War was slavery and the furtherance of white supremacy. These are not my words by the actual words of the slave owners themselves when they wrote the Articles of Secession in 1862. Many slave owners and their ancestors tried (and still try) to hide their connections to slavery and here we see their omissions if not outright lies.  This is why very few people know that slave farms existed on the San Antonio River and on

the Salado Creek, in the Applewhite area south of town and all over Bexar County. Black slave cemeteries are surely hidden along the Salado Creek and the San Antonio River.


With the raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia in 1859, by the abolitionist John Brown, affluent

white planters were enraged upon hearing that their system of slavery was in danger. This raid against slavery prompted the southern slave holding states to arm militias by the thousands in much the same way as these mindless open-carry folks are responding to the Black Lives Matter Movement of today. Fortunately, millions of whites in the South today are ant-racist and are not going to follow the idiots of the neo-confederacy and other groups that are uneducated blind followers. Next time someone thinks they know something about the Civil War, and tries to tell you it was solely about “States’ Rights” tell them HOLD everything!


In April of 1865, the leader of the Confederate army, Robert E. Lee, was forced to dispatch a letter to his president and the leader of the slave holding interests, Jefferson Davis. Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America and conceivably one of the most ignorant and bigoted individuals in American history. The correspondence he received was dreadful news for the slave owners. The Union army was about to take power over the capital of slave owner power in Richmond, Virginia. The capture of Richmond would be even more shocking as large numbers of African American troops forced rebel troops to sprint for their lives, while some slaves thrashed their former masters. The confederates would never mention that black troops had them on the run, a bunch of half-truths here as they tell it.


Pro-slavery men lynched innocent people everywhere they went. You can’t say that

those statues of the confederacy need to stay up by claiming it would be “erasing

history.” We are making history and correcting the lies of the racists by taking them

down! When one sees a bunch of bigots celebrating the struggle of the slave owners

around some confederate symbol it is apparent that they are either ignorant followers

or trying to redefine the real reasons for the Civil War. They are trying to turn white

supremacist terrorism into a false celebration of so-called “Southern Heritage.”



HOLD everything!




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