A New First Couple?

September 27, 2017


If NBA rumor mill is true, NBA legend Dwyane Wade could end up playing for the San Antonio Spurs.   The question is how will Spurs Nation feel about the former Miami Heat assassin, Dwyane Wade, ending up in the Alamo City?


Wade is ending up a stellar career and his hand is filled with championship DNA, even though it came at the hands of the Spurs defeat.  Wade says this opportunity, wherever he ends up, will be based on his desire to win again.  



Another set of options could land Wade in Cleveland to try it again with NBA sensation, Lebron James, or will he could also try to join the powerhouse Oklahoma City team to join Carmello, Paul George and Russell Westbrook?   With Wade in OKC, some speculate the end of the Golden State Warrior's dynasty.


The bottom line is Dwyane Wade is the talk of the NBA.  Sound off on our Facebook and tell us what you think.  Some of our readers hope that Wade does come for all the wrong reasons.  With Wade, also comes the beautiful Gabrielle Union.  






Her addition would definitely replace Tony Parker's ex Eva Longoria.  We would definitely buy tickets if they sign... 

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