The Great Wall of Lies

September 27, 2017


Professor J. Owens Smith outlined in accurate detail the economic and social conditions under which immigrants from Europe came to America in its infancy in his book, “The Politics of Racial and Ethnic Inequality.”  With the recent increase in racial hatred, primarily directed against blacks and foreign immigrants, especially from Mexico, it is important to know how the idea of white supremacy originated. Racist ideas are often hidden beneath anti-government rhetoric and activity especially while Obama was president. Comments like “We are only trying to preserve our history,” and, “The Civil War was about States Rights and not slavery,” are good examples of historical fabrication. The idea of building a wall on the Mexican border is but the extension of these lies now bandied about by a president that is mentally unfit to lead. Unfortunately, some folks have been lied to all of their life by pro-confederate history buffs that have only spread lies across generation. 


Professor Smith outlines the idea that the “southern social system, structured in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, was based on the principle that a wealthy minority should control the government and hold this power by restricting the political activity of the majority.” Trump fits the profile! This system rewarded white immigrants with free land, and thus the incentive for killing off the indigenous population (Native Americans) in what can only be described as genocide.  For racist white extremists to claim that whites are now the victims of genocide would be funny if some people did not actually believe this invention. In Texas it resembled ethnic cleansing by Texas Rangers and hired killers that came to Texas primarily to murder “Indians” and Mexicans. In fact, John “Rip” Ford was one of the most despicable murderers of non-white people. Unbelievably, Ford is buried in the East Side Cemetery complex and his grave stone is marked by an honorary granite marker put there by the Texas legislature! What a shame!    


Some immigrant groups that came to America came with systems that enabled them to prosper or at least survive during their first generation.  Chinese, Italians, Germans, and other immigrants arrived with skills that they brought from their mother country and used to their advantage in a strange land.  But America was colonized by the English for the most part and with this colonization came Anglo-Saxon norms and mores.  Unlike the Irish immigrants, Anglo settlers were provided with economic welfare in the form of land that was taken from the “Indians” and later farmed mostly with African slaves. Free welfare for stealing land! 


Anglo settlers left Europe for a variety of reasons including debt that was owed, escaping long prison sentences because of criminal activity, revolution, poverty, land lost or taken away as was the case with the Irish who were literally robbed of their land holdings by a rising industrial class, but many immigrants were not poor and destitute but came from a wealthy class. This was true of the plantation slave owners that were originally investors in land holdings in America. This refutes the idea that all “whites” simply pulled themselves up through hard work as claimed by coded forms of white supremacy.  The large plantation owners never worked their own land to any large degree, but used poor whites, enslaved Native Americans, and blacks to attain their extreme wealth while using racism to divide people. The hatred is not over as we see the legacy of this hatred in Trump’s fanatical call to build a wall to stop immigrants from Mexico.


What are the principal reasons why some ethnic groups remained in abject poverty for several generations while Anglo-Saxons generally escaped it?  We know it is not because whites are superior, or some “survival of the fittest” baloney, but the result of social policies that benefited Anglo-Saxons and not others.  Ironically, these social policies provided a form of welfare to white settlers that provided them with a basis to achieve prosperity and wealth.  The irony lies in the complaints that one hears from conservatives that whine about illegal immigrants being able to enjoy American prosperity when in fact their ancestors often came to America as a result of the welfare system of that era. They want everybody to forget about that!  


America will no longer have a majority “white” population in less than 50 years. This is why the racists want the wall. Dr. J. Owen Smith exploded the myths about America’s European immigrants and provides insight into the racial matrix of benefits that were provided to many whites that increased their racialized view of themselves and the rest of the world.Understanding why Trump and his ignorant followers are so intent on a Wall, on the Mexican border, has to be understood in the context of how they manufacture their falsehoods; which has always been a great wall of lies.




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